HELP - visual disturbances 8weeks PP!!

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Re : HELP - visual disturbances 8weeks PP!!

Postby patty » Fri Aug 24, 637674 12:08 am

I also saw spots a few times after birth usually if I was doing more then I should like out grocery shopping or something else too tiring. I would definitly have it checked out though if it made me worry.

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Re : HELP - visual disturbances 8weeks PP!!

Postby jana m » Mon Jun 06, 637672 8:42 pm

8 weeks may seem like a long time, but your body has been through so much and it just may take more than a couple of months to heal. I know it must be so frustrating to still not feel so great, but give yourself a little more time.

Like Sabrina and Tanya, I also saw an eye doctor post PE. It can't hurt to get your eyes checked out if you are concerned.

Take care.

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Re : HELP - visual disturbances 8weeks PP!!

Postby missgamecock » Mon Jun 06, 637672 6:59 pm

I still have spots. I went to see my opthamologist and he said it was damage from my HBP when I was pregnant. The blood pressure squeezed debris and protein into the fluid of my eyes. He said at this point it is here to stay. As with Tanya, mine is worse in bright sunlight or lights.

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Re : HELP - visual disturbances 8weeks PP!!

Postby youtan » Mon Jun 06, 637672 3:17 pm

More than 7 yrs have gone by and I still see spots. I was sent to an eye surgeon for a thorough exam after my severe PE experience to see how bad the damage was. Good news for me is that there is nothing wrong with my eyes, I was told the black floaters may or may not fade with time. I find its worse on bright sunny days. Give yourself lots of time to recover from the PE. Toodles...

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HELP - visual disturbances 8weeks PP!!

Postby melanie12321 » Mon Jun 06, 637672 3:06 pm

Hi i 8weeks 5days PP my bp is finally back to normal around 105-125/65-85 today its 120/70, no protein, headaches or swelling , but i still got visual disturbances it is so anoying (black dots in top right eye sort of like a bug going side to side, black floaty things , black lines , when i look at light objects i see little twinkling dots .P.S I also got blotchy palms, pale finger nails i got a full bloodcount being taken on tuesday could this be anemia many thanks x x x x my email

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