New...any research done on..

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New...any research done on..

Postby pkandm » Tue Oct 23, 637674 9:15 am

I'm new here. I've been spending the last couple hours on and off looking at posts. It has been very interesting, helpful and scary.
My son was born at 36 1/2 wks due to preeclampsea. I know it sounds rediculous, but I believe I had HELLP--but don't really remember. I know I went in for a routine exam and the next day they induced. The only thing I remember really is that my OB came in and said she was very concerned about me because I had HELLP--however, the next day my son was born and my health soon was put aside. I say I think I had it because I guess I don't remember my liver enzymes being up-do they have to be to be considered HELLP?

Mitchell was born weighing 7 lbs (pretty good for being a little early!) But, he had a cleft lip and palate and soon was dx with a syndrome- trisomy 13 mosaic. The dx itself is a long story so I'll keep it very short. My question is...
Has there been any research that anyone knows of linking chromosomal abnormalties and HELLP or preeclampsea?

I am now playing with the idea of having another child-However there are so many questions-about my health as well as the syndrome my son has. He is now almost 2 and doing very well considering his condition. I am fearful of getting preg. because he is a lot of work (has a trach) and I don't know what we'd do if I ended up on bedrest. When I was dx with pre-eclampsia it went very fast-I was very puffy but everything always checked out. I'm guessing I had this since 34 wks but didn't have an appointment until 36 and being my 1st preg. I wasn't sure what was going on-but that is when I started really getting puffy.

I am planning on making an appointment with my OB dr before we get preg. I'll ask her about seeing a high risk dr-but just was doing some checking and I don't think that we have one around here. But I'll have to check. Another question,
When I call and make an appointment-what do I call it? I've had my annual already.

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