Bed Rest vs. Meds

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Re : Bed Rest vs. Meds

Postby evansmom » Thu Jan 22, 2004 06:13 pm

Hi Ann,

When I was preg. with my son, my BP shot up to 170/100 @ 29 weeks. My doctor put me on bedrest AND meds (aldomet 500mg 2x day). At first I was upset, since a lot of my research suggested that they first try to manage PIH (I didn't have protein, but severe swelling) with bedrest first. My doctor reassured me that since I developed PIH (my diagnosis was later changed to chronic hbp - never resolved postpartum) so early and with such severe hbp, meds were crucial. INow I am so thankful for his decision! I went full term (37 1/2 weeks) without developing true pre-e or any other major complications.
I'm sure each case is different, but if the (slight) risk from the meds outweighs the risk of serious complications, then meds may be the way to go. I know my class of drugs was different, but my son is 2 now, smart, HEALTHY and active. I just came off of meds now in my 2nd trimester of this pregnancy since my bp has been well under control but I won't hesitate to go back if needed. I hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes well and you and your baby are healthy and happy!

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Bed Rest vs. Meds

Postby annk » Thu Jan 22, 2004 05:42 pm

I have a question for you very helpful experienced ones out there.
First here is my history..
In my first pregnancy I began showing signs of PIH at around 19-20 weeks. My bp's had risen from 120's/60's to 140's/80-90's and I began to have a lot of swelling. In fact I had so much swelling that my OB sent me to a physical therapist for lymphadema treatments. I was also sent to a peri who decided not to put me on meds but did put me on modified bed rest. I remained on modified bed rest until a hospitalization at 29 weeks when my bp's jumped up (I think to 160's/100's). After being released from the hospital I was put on strict bed rest but still no medication. I had one more hospitalization at 33 weeks and was induced at 35 weeks when my protein levels increased and my bp shot up again (not to mention the out of control swelling!). DD was a great size for her GA at 6lbs. 3oz. but did spend a week in the NICU due to breathing difficulties. BP went back to normal 3 weeks post partum. I forgot to add that I had a partial placental abruption during DD's labor.

I am now pregnant again and almost 23 weeks. My bp's started to go up again at 19 weeks(140's/90's)and I was sent to the peri again. This time he has decided to put me on labetalol (100mg 2x a day) and no restrictions as far as activity is concerned. I got the feeling that he thought the meds would be all I needed and bed rest was not needed. I have an 18 month old so bed rest would certainly be a hardship but of course I would make it work if I needed to. Is this what any of you have experienced? I do notice my bp's are still high with activity 140's/80's and are lower with rest but he didnt think I needed bed rest. What do you guys think. I am encouraged that we are trying the medication this time around but I dont want my activity level to compromise the pregnancy. Do you think it is something I should worry about? I wonder what the difference is this time around? Thanks in advance for your insight and experiences..


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