Blood pressure criteria for PE

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Re : Blood pressure criteria for PE

Postby akemt » Fri Apr 29, 637678 7:43 am

Valid question!

This link, to the "hypertension" section of the signs and symptoms page, can help to answer your question:

To paraphrase it, the guidelines for diagnosis of preeclampsia used to include a 30/15 pt rise from baseline BP and the NIH working group changed that in 1990. Following that explanation is this statement:
quote:"Nonetheless, it is the collective clinical opinion of this panel that women who have a rise of 30 mm Hg systolic or 15 mm Hg diastolic blood pressure warrant close observation, especially if proteinuria and hyperuricemia (uric acid [UA] greater than or equal to 6 mg/dL) are also present.

It is written in greater detail and goes on to give more information --definately worth reading!

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Blood pressure criteria for PE

Postby sdmom » Fri Apr 29, 637678 7:22 am

I keep seeing in the forum that 140/90 is the criteria for PE diagnosis. I keep reading in studies and elsewhere and told by my perinatologist that the criteria is a 30 point increase systolic/diastolic over that person's baseline as the PE criteria. Which one is correct, as a 30 jump to a person with normally low pressures might not place them in the PE range and a person with normally high pressures might be placed incorrectly?

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