PIH and stress?

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Re : PIH and stress?

Postby cathyinwa » Sat Jan 24, 2004 12:48 am

When I was pregnant my blood pressure blood pressure would also usually go up at the ob's office. I think that saying there is no such thing as "white coat syndrome" means that if your blood pressure goes up at the doctor's office it could go up at other times and shouldn't be ignored.

Some doctors seem to dismiss it as just "white coat syndrome" and don't seem concerned over it. Other doctors feel that it should be watched and treated.



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Re : PIH and stress?

Postby tammy » Fri Jan 23, 2004 06:23 pm

I am not sure that I agree that there is no such thing as white coat syndrome. Since I had PE 10 weeks ago I have been on B/P meds and mointering my blood pressures at home and they are never as high as they are when I visit the doctors. A differnece of 90-120/60-72 at home and 130-150/88-92. I can feel myself get anxious when this happens. At the next MD appointment if it is much higher then I am getting at home they are going to do a 24 mointer that will give a mean of all my pressures.

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Re : PIH and stress?

Postby deerhart » Fri Jan 23, 2004 06:12 pm

also, stress and other outside influences typically tend to affect your top number and not your bottom number. The bottom number tends to react to changes in the body (ie illness)


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Re : PIH and stress?

Postby akemt » Fri Jan 23, 2004 02:50 pm

First, I'd like to say that PIH shouldn't be taken lightly. It can still negatively affect you and your baby and many are delivered early because of it. It also can change into true preeclampsia at any time. A blood pressure of 160/110 is worrisome to say the least. You really need to be sure that your BP is kept under control either through bedrest, medication or delivery (of course not preferable at this gestation). I'm glad your doctor is doing a 24 hour urine. Have they done an ultrasound to check for fetal growth, etc? I'm a big stickler for that one as my PIH when diagnosed had already affected my amniotic fluid level rather drastically and was only caught by u/s as my measurements were fine (though the oligo is rather rare). Have you and your doctor discussed a "game plan?" Are you seeing a Maternal Fetal Specialist/Perinatologist (doctor that specializes in high risk pregnancies)?

Second, what is called "white coat hypertension" is considered a myth by the experts at the preeclampsia foundation. Here is a link to a post by the executive director of the PF stating this very thing: http://www.preeclampsia.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1064

She discusses what the affect of stressors "should" do to your BP as opposed to continuous elevations, etc. So while stress obviously doesn't HELP, it isn't the cause...do not blame yourself.

Congratulations on making it to the bar exams and I hope you are well enough to be able to complete your goals. And, hopefully the PIH will be easily controlled and you can make it to full term.

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Re : PIH and stress?

Postby lgw » Fri Jan 23, 2004 01:38 pm

I was neither stressed nor pg when I took the bar exams, but they are physically and mentally draining and not compatable with getting the rest that is likely to be suggested by your dr. Be careful, and if you feel you are getting too tired, consider skipping the Feb. bar. Good luck.

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PIH and stress?

Postby hollymarie » Fri Jan 23, 2004 01:19 pm

I have a question I was hoping you all had some thoughts on. I am 29 weeks pregnant, and last week when I went in to the OB thinking I was getting the flu (headache, blurry vision) my bp was 160/ 110. It was high the week before too, but she wrote it off as being stressed about the traffic on the way over. I have no protien in my urine, but I have to do a 24 hour test to make sure. She said its probobly just PIH, and not to worry about it, just to rest whenever I could. All well and good, but I am supposed to take the bar exam in a month. I am not worried about it, I don't stress about tests and my job won't start until September anyway (plently of time to take in July), but I don't want to do anything to make the situation worse. Does anyone know what effect stress (even good stress) has on PIH or preeclampsia developing or getting worse? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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