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Re : Is my second pregnancy at risk?

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 637678 3:15 pm
by caryn
Welcome to the forums, Nicole.

As I understand things, your risk of eclampsia again is only about 5%, but you're at higher risk of developing preeclampsia because of your history. I poked around our Experts forum and came up with a a link to a discussion about eclampsia recurrence rates.

It depends on so many factors -- at what gestational age it developed, what underlying conditions you might have, the genetic luck of the draw with this placenta...

Keep us posted -- I hope for a long uneventful pregnancy for you!

Re : Is my second pregnancy at risk?

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 637678 6:34 am
by julie f

Just wanted to welcome you here as well. Catherine has given you some great information and asked the same questions that came to my mind when I was reading your post. Please let us know.

Also, I saw that you are in CA. I'm the Southern CA Group Coordinator and if there is anything that I can do, please don't hesitate to email me, . I'll send you an email right now through the Forums to let you know where I'm located - it tends to be a small world sometimes!

Please do let us know how you are doing and how we can help.

Re : Is my second pregnancy at risk?

Posted: Mon May 23, 637678 6:00 am
by akemt
I just ran across another expert response about pre-e recurrance risks posted in another thread today:

Re : Is my second pregnancy at risk?

Posted: Mon May 23, 637678 4:35 am
by akemt

You know, I don't know the actual stats on eclampsia recurrance. But with the way most doctor's work, they'll likely be very proactive, knowing you are at risk (I'll give you an expert link about that below). They will do their best not to let you get sick enough to go through that again. Trust me, they don't like a patient seizing! In one sense, that might be a great consolation. But, doctors still do their best to play the balancing act of getting you far enough along for the baby to have a good chance before they deliver. A pregnancy after complications is never easy, even if they don't happen again, because we're all still fearful and wondering if and when they will.

How far along were you when you delivered in your last pregnancy?

How far along are you now?

Have you had a visit with a perinatologist or MFM specialist to discuss your chances of recurrance or look for underlying disorders that might have made you more susceptible to pre-/eclampsia?

Here's a link to our expert's responses about whether preeclampsia is likely to strike again:

Now that you and your doctors know what to look for, you can be extra vigilant and check out any warning signs as soon as they appear. Here is a list for future reference:

It is extremely unlikely that anything preeclampsia-related would show up in the first trimester of pregnancy or for a few weeks thereafter, if that is what you mean by being early in pregnancy. But, there are all kinds of other things (even some as simple as anemia - low iron, or dehydration) that can cause dizzyness and faintness, especially in pregnancy. If I were in your shoes and it were concerning me, I'd call the doctor and ask about it --or make an appointment to be seen.

Best wishes Nicole! Update us and let us know how you're doing,

Is my second pregnancy at risk?

Posted: Mon May 23, 637678 1:27 am
by nicoleirvin

Hi my name is Nicole and im 18. I have a 7 month old son, Braedon. During my pregnacy with him I had severe eclampsia.I had 2 seizures and had to have an emergency C-section and then continued to have some up to a week after the birth. I am now pregnant again and we are very scared it could happen again. I am really early in the pregnancy but have experienced extreme dizziness and feel very faint.Can this happen again?