Question of the Day: PE and infertility

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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby victorina » Mon Jun 07, 637345 1:03 am

It took us 2 years and 6 months with insemination.

All the best!!
Anita (32) and Victor 34w PE ( 12/15 2004)

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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby melissam » Thu Feb 11, 637345 1:20 pm

We had tried a couple of times, but we were in school and then would quicky be relieved that I didn't actually get pregnant at that time. Then I didn't want to go on a business trip and start my period so I timed it then and got pregnant with Riley. So she wasn't really planned, but not avoided either and we were ecstatic to get her. PE and delivery at 37 weeks - PB meds starting at 12 weeks and Gestational diabetes (diet controlled).

Now, Kelsi on the other hand was not planned at all. I was 2 months late, I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Went to the doctor to find out about knee surgery, mentioned the lateness, his test was positive and I almost fell off his table (I was only 6 days along at that time). PB's went up quite quickly, no meds until 22 weeks. Didn't make it to my GD test as Kelsi was born at 24 weeks. She was a complete shock but so very much wanted and we miss her greatly.

Mom to:
Riley 2/9/2000 born at 37 weeks due to PE
Kelsi 12/30/2004 - 1/1/2005 (13 oz) born at 24 weeks due to Severe PE
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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby alexp » Tue Feb 02, 637345 4:11 am

We were very lucky - we thought it would take a long time to get pregnant since everyone we knew was having infertilty issues, and I had very irregular cycles - got Parker on the first month!

(and then, of course, the girls were pill babies - talk about a surprise)

PS: Oddly, since having a pre-e pregnancy AND gaining 30 pounds, my cycles are now like clockwork. Not that I'm complaining.

Alex, mama to:
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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby cara » Thu Sep 27, 637342 10:26 pm

The first was an oops but it was right after I had surgery to remove cysts and scar tissue build-up.

We are going to try again in August and I hope it is easy! I see what a hard time so many people have and I count my blessings at the first pregnancy!!

Cara L. Stevens
DS - Grant 3/28/04
33 weeks PIH/Pre-e

norlisa k
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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby norlisa k » Tue Sep 18, 637342 2:46 am


We had the IVF/ICSI combination also, and were also blessed with it working the first time. Like you, we feel so blessed that it worked the first time around; I also have friends who have spent $180000+ to have it fail six or seven times.

It is scary thinking about going through the IVF process again, let alone the eclampsia that you suffered. It does feel like you're tempting fate, you have all of these demon questions running through your head: "What if it fails this time?... What if my post-partum preeclampsia (in your case post-partum eclampsia) is worse?... What if they find out that yet something else is wrong?..." The "What if" list could go on and on.

It is so wonderful [:D] that you have a healthy, happy five month old. And the "what if's?" are so scary--I don't know about you, but they do go through my head anytime I even think about trying again. Going through IVF/ICSI, and eclampsia in your case, and having your wonderful baby, is a great success. Whatever happens in the future, you will have support, not be alone, and have the knowledge, experience, know-how, and strength to get through it--you've already done it. That is a large victory in and of itself. Like I've said, please don't blame yourself for the infertility or eclampsia issues, pat yourself on the back because of what you've gone through to have your precious baby.

I wish you all the best!
Much love and hugs,

Norlisa Keffer(36), essential hypertension diagnosed before pregnancy, successfully treated with atenolol, NO preeclampsia antepartum. (post-partum preeclampsia)
DH, Gordon (38)
Joseph/Josephine Our Angel in Heaven (9/16/02)
Twins Mary Frances and Samuel (a.k.a. Frankie and Sammy) 38 2/7 weeks, 5/26/03

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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby faith » Sun Sep 16, 637342 8:38 am

We tried for one year, then went to a specialist who gave us a 5% chance of conceiving on our own. We proceeded w/ IVF and ISCI and thankfully, it worked on the first time! We now have a beautiful, healthy five month old :)

As of now, I'm afraid to do IVF again...I know I got lucky having it work the first time. Two friends of mine had to go through it five times before it worked. I'm afraid to tempt fate again...then there is also the post partum elcampsia....right now, I'm too afraid that would happen again. So, well see :)


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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby helenw » Fri Aug 24, 637342 6:48 pm

Um lets see. Had to take clomid to concieve each time due to low progesterone (SP?)and diabetes. pregnancies ....
#1 miscarry
#2 miscarry
#3 PE pregancy
#4 miscarry
#5 miscarry
#6 miscarry
#7 miscarry
#8 PE pregnancy, twins, but lost one early on in pregnancy
#9 PE pregnancy
#10 miscarry. Now I have given up, 3 lovely kids is enough I think.

Helen [:)]

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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby kpowers » Fri Jun 08, 637336 9:27 pm

wasn't trying this time, it was the frist. And won't be the last.

Kim mom to
Emma May Powers still born 12/12/04 sever PE

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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby molly419 » Fri Jun 08, 637336 9:19 pm

I have both PCOS and am insulin resistent. My doctor told me that I would have a hard time getting pregnant, so I husband and I decided to go off of BC, and hopefully get pregnant in a year. I got pregnant three weeks after I went off of BC!! What a shock!
I delivered my daughter at 25 weeks, due to severe pre-e and HELLP.

Abigail-25weeker 1lb 1oz

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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby micheller » Fri May 04, 637336 7:23 pm

It took DH and I about four years to become pregnant. Due to PCOS and male factor infertility, we tried six rounds of IVF (3 fresh and 3 frozen cycles) before finally becoming pregnant. I was diagnosed with severe PE at 25.5 weeks and delivered my daughter at 31 weeks. Thanks to six weeks of hospital bedrest and excellent medical care, me and baby are doing great almost one year later.


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