Question of the Day: PE and infertility

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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby natan » Mon Jan 26, 2004 10:32 pm

This is really interesting. Is there really a connection with PCOS and Preeclampsia?

I had PCOS the first time around and was put on fertility drug for six(can't remember name) weeks and it worked right away. Currently, we have been trying since July 03, nothing happened. Last few months we have been experimenting with Clomiphene(you have to take it for five days after last period). Taking my temp every morning but it has been low 97.5.. It went up last month for one week (98.6)and dropped suddenly on one day. Cycle lasted 30 days exactly! ( I was shocked). Doctor told me to come in and make sure there was no problems. This month I am still waiting for the numbers to go up again. But this whole system, kind of ruins the mood when we have to time it. Not to mention, it makes it difficult when my husband goes on business trips. Everytime he goes away my temp goes up[:(!].
I feel like I am playing the lottery game and hope to get luckey with my numbers[:p]

Would like to find out what if there is definetly is a correlation to the two conditions.


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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby paljane8 » Mon Jan 26, 2004 08:33 pm

It would seem strange that someone with 4 kids would struggle initially!

#1 preg-m/c after trying for a few months.
#2 preg-m/c same.
Could not get preg for 11 months when we started trying after 2nd m/c. I was going in for blood work to start clomid and what do you know???
#3 preg-son
There was a buy one get one free that year and I got preg using protection and nursing resulting in my daughter (who is 14months younger than her brother)
#4 preg-daughter
#5 preg-son after 7months of trying.
#6 preg-m/c was not trying and on bc.
#7 preg-daughter after trying for a few months.

Yikes! That is a lot of sex!

Scott-born 05-14-99 @38 weeks-PE
Janie-born 05-12-03 @37 weeks-PIH, small for gestational age (oligo and low blood flow)

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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby deerhart » Mon Jan 26, 2004 06:26 pm

I also have highly irregular periods, but ovulate at the same time in the cycle (my cycle goes 28, 30, 32, 35, 35-40, 32, 30, 28 days but I ovulate on day 14-16 no matter how long the cycle goes, though its nice to only have 9-10 cycles a year hehe)


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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby laura » Mon Jan 26, 2004 05:56 pm

Carol- I have to say, I agree- Infertility definitely does suck. Big time.

Our first pregnancy was a surprise. We went off depo 8 months after the first was born- and didn't conceive until Allie was four years old. I have three years worth of cycle charting and timed intercourse. The doc diagnosed PCOS (and really, my shortest cycle in three years was 40 days) and suggested clomid. I didn't want to take any heroic measures to conceive- I was spooked enough over whether Pre-e would show up again to risk multiples.

Finally, we decided that we were ok with not having another child, I was finishing my last semester of school so I could return to work... and WHAMMO- I got pregnant. It figures!

I think it has less to do with cycles and hormones in my case, and more to do with whether or not I want to be pregnant. [}:)]

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Alicia 5-13-98 (35 weeks-severe PE)
Camille 4-17-03 (36 weeks- htn and oligo)

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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby kimb » Mon Jan 26, 2004 05:55 pm

I was diagnosed with PCOS at 22 and was told I would need fertility drugs - but got pregnant while on the pill. Major surprise - but very much wanted and miss him every day.

Kim 35
William Michael - my angel - pe/HELLP 7/7/03

taras mom
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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby taras mom » Mon Jan 26, 2004 05:28 pm

Let me get this off my chest: Infertility SUCKS![:(!]

I've had irregular cycles most of my life, much more so in the last few years. It seemed to get worse when my thyroid conked out, and I gained weight at the same time. When we decided to get pregnant, I wasn't ovulating, but my OB ruled out insulin resistance and PCOS. 50 mg of Clomid didn't work, but 100 mg did, and we conceived Tara within 6 months. Since then my cycles have gotten longer, and 100 mg of Clomid doesn't seem to work anymore. We're going to try it again next month.

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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby deerhart » Mon Jan 26, 2004 05:27 pm

um lets see, the first pregnancy it took one time [:I] can we say oopsie LOL

The second time it tok about 3 months of semi trying

sooo no fertility problems here

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norlisa k
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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby norlisa k » Mon Jan 26, 2004 04:07 pm

We tried unsuccessfully for four years to get pregnant (the natural way). We finally ended up doing IVF (in vitro fertilization) with ICSI (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection) which worked (our first and only pregnancy). We would definitely do it again. Although it was a lot of poking, prodding, up-and-down mood swings due to the hormones and injections, being a mom makes it all worth it.

Much Love and Take Care,
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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby lisac » Mon Jan 26, 2004 02:26 pm

I got pregnant the first month that we tried. Hopefully, next time will be just as easy.


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Re : Question of the Day: PE and infertility

Postby angelical » Mon Jan 26, 2004 01:30 pm

It took us about 5 months, but I think only 3 did we actually try on the right days, because of work schedules, etc.


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