20 week appointment and off to the UW - have ?'s

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Re : 20 week appointment and off to the UW - have ?'s

Postby cathyinwa » Thu Oct 15, 637018 4:15 pm

I never had to wait much when I went to the UW. But I was seen in the Diabetes Clinic. It's in the same place but on different days. I usually had a 10:30 appointment.

I think the hypertension clinic is on Thursday? The cardiac output test is easy and the technican is nice.

I was having a rapid heart beat, too. I was placed on atenolol. The atenolol really helped and slowed down my heart rate. I'm still on it 3 months after my dd's birth. My husband is now on it, too. The poor thing developed high blood pressure.

It's definitely worth it to take your husband. My husband went to all my appointments. But he is disabled and not working, so it was easier for him to go.

Good luck to you.


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Re : 20 week appointment and off to the UW - have ?'s

Postby 5thtymachrm » Thu Oct 15, 637018 9:55 am

Yes, the UW is wonderful. I went there for part of my care. Once you get in to your part of the appt things move swiftly. The doppler part is lots of info for you and dh. Bring all the questions you want answered since you normally only see them once a month. Definitly bring a book and your dh. Bring snacks for you too. The best appt to take is the first one of the morning like 830am or so, the later the appt, the longer you will wait, but it is more than worth it. I was already placed on atenolol when I went to see them but that is because my peri was trained by the main peri at the UW clinic.

I'm happy your going there, they are wonderful people and will take great care of you![:D]

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Re : 20 week appointment and off to the UW - have ?'s

Postby sonja » Thu Oct 15, 637018 7:25 am

I finally got the authorization code from my health insurance yesterday (we have an HMO - they were glad to authorize, just took awhile). So, today I will get the appointment set up. I am so looking forward to going, it will give me a bit more piece of mind as well as it feels good to be taken seriously.


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Re : 20 week appointment and off to the UW - have ?'s

Postby julie f » Mon Oct 05, 637018 12:58 am


When is your appt? I hope all goes well. I am really curious to hear about it, I have heard such wonderful things about that clinic and will be begging my dr. to refer me there if my bp rises in the 2nd trimester again.

Please keep us posted!

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Re : 20 week appointment and off to the UW - have ?'s

Postby taras mom » Sun May 19, 637016 10:15 pm

A quick visit? Don't count on it; bring a book.[;)] The cardiac output monitoring doesn't take long, but sometimes they're really backed up, and there's often a wait between the monitoring and the doctor visit because they have to schedule them separately.

I recommend bringing your DH. There's a lot of information to digest, and you'll probably both have questions. Also, you might be making treatment and monitoring decisions that day.

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Re : 20 week appointment and off to the UW - have ?'s

Postby kimb » Sun May 19, 637016 5:32 pm

The UW is wonderful - I'm guessing your going for the hypertension clinic and getting the doppler. That part doesnt take long - but the staff is wonderful and will answer any questions you have. My husbad went along with me and loved that they answered his questions with answers he could understand. They will chart your readings and show you the results right then and there and show you where you are at on the charts for blood flow etc. I believe they usually prescribe atenalol if meds are necessary - which I wish I had been on as the aldomet didn't work for me at all. I think taking your husband would be good - they give you the info you need. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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Re : 20 week appointment and off to the UW - have ?'s

Postby laura » Sun May 19, 637016 5:25 pm

Hi Joy, I'm not sure what they have planned at the UW htn clinic, but it will probably include a test of your cardiac output with a little wand ultrasound in the area of your neck. Then you'll probably see one of their docs. If they find that your cardiac output is high, they may prescribe atenolol, which is very good at reducing high cardiac output and fast heartrates.

It may not be the quickest appointment, but I'd definitely try to bring DH- those folks know pretty much all there is to know about pregnancy hypertension. I think if there's an appointment to go to, that would be the one!
Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

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Re : 20 week appointment and off to the UW - have ?'s

Postby akemt » Sun May 19, 637016 9:10 am


I've heard great things about the UW! I would imagine that they'll give you some information there, though don't know from experience. My guess is that they'll wait till the test results all come back before going into too great detail about your condition. I'm glad your doctor is taking you seriously as well. I was never on medication while pregnant and so I cannot give you much of an answer there, other than this one "ask the experts" response about the most common bp meds in pregnancy and their pro's and con's:

Have a great apt! And I know how it is when dh can't easily take time off.

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20 week appointment and off to the UW - have ?'s

Postby sonja » Sun May 19, 637016 8:40 am

First of all, I want to reiterate how happy I am to have found this site - it feels so much better to go to my doctor appointments armed with knowledge.

During my last pregnancy I ended up with Pre-e at 37 1/2 weeks and got induced that day. At first here I was calling it PIH - then Pre-e, but yesterday my OB called it severe pre-e. I am not sure what made it severe.

At my 16 week apppointment my bp was 130/70, nothing shocking, but going up when it should be going down. Yesterday it was 128/74. My OB is going to send me to the hypertesive clinic at the UW. She is doing this because of the borderline bp and the fact that I keep complaining how hard my heart is beating. I am sooooo happy that she is taking me seriously.

I know that some of you have been to the UW and have mentioned that it is a quick visit. Is it something worth taking my DH to? It is hard for him to get out of work and I would hate for him to go for nothing. Will I get info then or will I get it from my OB? I am doing the 24 hour urine test right now and will get blood tests tomorrow.

About the meds that they prescribe if they see necessary is it Aldomet??? Any info out there on that - I hate medicine, but will do what I need to to keep myself and baby safe.

Thank you so much of bearing with me and answering my questions.


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