Magnesium sulfate and breastfeeding

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Re : Magnesium sulfate and breastfeeding

Postby sonja » Sat Jun 22, 637016 3:00 pm

Here is another view point - I was on mag for the delivery and then 24 hours afterwards - my dd was jaundiced and did not do well with breast feeding at the beginning. We worked through it and it ended up being fine, although I did go on some medication to help my milk supply come better. Honestly it took a good 3 months for me to be totally comfortable with breast feeding, but we did it until my dd self weaned at 12 1/2 months - it was my favorite time with her. If you have problems just work through them, it can be tough, but it is sooooo worth it.


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Re : Magnesium sulfate and breastfeeding

Postby sweetiesuzy » Sat Jun 22, 637016 6:18 am

I was on mag and had no trouble with my milk supply. Sam came out screaming and continued to do so for two hours straight until they realized his blood sugar was low. He never lapsed into that really sleepy state typical babies have right after birth. So I never noticed him to be sluggish or really tired from the mag. Sam was tiny, so he really had to learn how to latch on to my nipple, but in no time he was a pro! He is 13 months as of yesterday and is still nursing! It is a wonderful thing you will share with your baby... priceless. I hope you will be able to nurse, even if just for a short time.


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Re : Magnesium sulfate and breastfeeding

Postby tina » Sat Jun 22, 637016 3:19 am

I struggled to establish b/f. I had a very sudden onset of pre-e (fine at my appt on Monday, Sunday I had an emergency c/s). I was on the mag for about 24 hours only. I didn't try b/f until the Wednesday (so 3 days after Mason was born). My routine: every 2-3 hours for 3 weeks was nurse, give formula to top up, pump. I tried fenugree and blessed thistle (two herbs that are known to help increase milk supply). My week 3, I really needed help. I was determined to try everything to b/f exclusively (I think it was even more important to me since I didn't get the birth experience I was hoping for). At the advice of my midwife, I visited my family dr to get a prescription for domperidone (it's a stomach medication with the side of effect of producing b/m in lactating women - with no harm to babe and very few side effects). It's not commonly available in the US from what I understand, but reglan is available. It works in the same way, but has a higher chance of side effects for mom. Ultimately, by week 4, I was b/f exclusively. I'm still b/f now and Mason is 21 months.


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Re : Magnesium sulfate and breastfeeding

Postby deerhart » Wed Jun 12, 637016 8:20 am

I was on mag and had NO problems with milk, in fact I was engorged the entire 4 months I nursed (ow ow ow I learned some much for the second time around)


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Re : Magnesium sulfate and breastfeeding

Postby cathyw » Wed Jun 12, 637016 4:33 am

I was on mag sulfate and had no problem establishing a milk supply etc. The NICU nurses seemed surprised I was able to get so much milk, but I am not sure if that was because of the Pre-e or the mag sulfate. In any case, I found the lactation specialists to be extremely helpful. Definitely consult with one while you are in the hospital and afterward if needed. The magnesium can make the baby very sleepy so some of my early milk was tossed out since it was full of mag. I was able to successfully breast-feed my 32 weeker for 13 months. The first five months I pumped exclusively but then was able to transition him over to the breast completely. It is well worth the effort. Hopefully, it will work out for you!!

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Re : Magnesium sulfate and breastfeeding

Postby lories » Wed Jun 12, 637016 2:47 am

Thanks! You all have gorgeous children, by the way. Makes me feel very reassured [:)].

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Re : Magnesium sulfate and breastfeeding

Postby kim » Wed Jun 12, 637016 2:35 am

Unfortunately for me, my milk never came in. Right when Ainsley was born, she was sluggish from the Mag and wouldn't bf, so they took her to the nursery and she gulped some formula down right away. I did pump all of my colostrum with the hospital pump (imagine feeling like cow on mag [:)])...

Anyway.. I'm sure there were ways we could have gotten my milk to come in, but after 8 months of puking my guts up and then the pre-e, I took it as a sign from my body. I felt good about giving her all of the colostrum, though.

Take care!

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Re : Magnesium sulfate and breastfeeding

Postby catherine » Wed Jun 12, 637016 1:45 am

Sara, LMAO at the Maggie thing... she's so sweet too! Unlike the Mag [xx(]. Lori, I was able to breastfeed just fine even though Lucy and I didn't even meet until she was 5 days old and then didn't try nursing until the night before we left the hospital. My milk was very slow to come in fully. I knew what to expect because I already had one kid and my milk was fully in three days after he was born. Maybe the Mag contributed to the delay. That was all it was, Lucy nursed just fine for 15 months when I weaned her so that I could repossess my b[:)][:)]bies for a little while before Chloe was born.

I would just give a shout out to taking the time to work with the lactation consultant at the hospital if they have one. I was very concerned about the delay and trying to pump even though I felt rotten and the girl was really supportive and helpful. She also took a lot of time to check whether the meds that the different services were prescribing were compatible with BF. That was really useful. The OBs didn't forget about the baby but the renal guys did!

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Re : Magnesium sulfate and breastfeeding

Postby sarab » Wed Jun 12, 637016 12:08 am


As far as I know, Mag has no effect on breast feeding at all. I'm sure someone will jump in here if I'm wrong...[:)].

I was actually still on Mag in the hospital when I started pumping (and let me tell you, it was a treat...[xx(]). I ended up having breast feeding problems later, but it was due to a stubborn baby and not the Mag.

And, just in case you were wondering (although you probably weren't), I did NOT name Maggie after Magnesium Sulfate even though I was on it for so long! I have been asked that a lot... [:p]

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Magnesium sulfate and breastfeeding

Postby lories » Tue Jun 11, 637016 9:15 pm

I am just full of questions! I'm wondering, for those of you who were given magnesium sulfate during labor and delivery, if that seriously affected breastfeeding (if you tried it)?


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