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Re : New here and worried...

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 637966 7:22 pm
by lindsayr
i am so glad that you found this board to help you answer your questions during this time... I wish I would have known about it when i was diagnosed.
our jordyn was born at 27 weeks, with complications being diagnosed at the beginning of 27 weeks, and while it seemed so scary, she has done beautifully.
It sounds like you are doing everything right right now, don't be afraid of being a hypochondriac now, I kept telling my nurses that my side hurt and it turned out it was my lungs filling with fluid, diagnosed by xray the morning of the delivery. you and your family are the best advocates, and the people on this board who have been through this are so knowldegeable and helpful.
my heart goes out to you and my prayers are with you.

Re : New here and worried...

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 637966 7:03 pm
by misup

Welcome to PE Foundation! I am very glad you were comfortable making a post to us! As far as the what to do's.. Fiona is on the top of the game! I have to throw in my "optimistic" case... As Fiona says... two weeks is about average.. (Sorry for the repeat everyone), however, I was hospitalized and made it four weeks on mag sulf. I stayed on my left side the entire time.. did not even get through meals at times and they would have me get back on my left side to keep bp down.... as far as the side effects from Mag Sul..... I remember having a few at he beginning, but I had very few side effects and it enabled me to hold on to Adam for about 4 weeks, so it was worth it... as far as the distress on my Adam.. he was perfectly fine... My PE started when I was about 31-32 weeks..I was fortunate enough to have a monitor on me for the entire 4 weeks.. I remember every hiccup and kick, etc...with both of my it was the protein elevation (kidney failure) when they ended up delivering..they were watching my liver function very closely. Please keep in mind that many Drs will not take it this long due to all the risks.. I had a Perinatologist and a group of students watching me 24/7! Steriods... I did have them both times as well..that is a must!
Keep us posted and we are all praying for you!

Re : New here and worried...

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 637966 2:35 am
by ozierja
I meant to add "in my situation" to the end of my last sentence.

Re : New here and worried...

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 637966 2:33 am
by ozierja
You have been given great advice and I just want to encourage you to seek steriods, although it sounds like your doctors are doing the right thing by referring you to the high risk OB. Please keep us updated. I have to think that getting steriods almost a week before delivery helped in development.
Best to you!

Re : New here and worried...

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 637966 8:28 am
by julie f

I wanted to say hi and welcome to you as well. Like Fiona, I am so glad to see that you've been referred to a high-risk OB.

I thought this thread on what happens to your body during preeclampsia might be helpful with a few of your questions,

The protein that you are spilling means that your kidneys are having a rough go as described in the thread above - that in and of itself isn't necessarily causing harm to baby, but the disease continues to progress to where it either isn't safe for baby, or isn't safe for mom to be pregnant anymore. 300mg is the cutoff for a diagnosis of preeclampsia but you'll find that the amount of protein spilled before delivery varies from woman to woman - delivery is based on more than just this number. For example, I believe I was spilling about 3500mg before delivery while others here have spilled much more and others much less. Fetal indicators, maternal blood pressure, presentation of symptoms, lab values, etc - will all be taken into account along with the proteinuria.

Like Fiona said, bedrest is a bit controversial, here is what our Experts have to say about it:

In the meantime, please keep up with your kick counts and please don't hesitate to head straight in to L&D if you notice your symptoms progressing or new ones developing.

Let us know how your appt goes.

Re : New here and worried...

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 637966 8:01 am
by fiona
Elise, welcome.

I am so sorry that your much-wanted pregnancy has developed complications. With your BPs of 140/90 and 300mg of protein you have hit the diagnostic criteria for preeclampsia. The average time from diagnosis to delivery is two weeks - though many women do manage to keep going for much longer.

I am very pleased that you have been referred to a high risk OB - careful management of pregnancy is the best defense against pe, a disease with no 'cure' other than delivery.

I know that just shy of 30 weeks seems extremely early to be thinking about a delivery but, though every day and week gained is a huge bonus, 30 weekers tend to do very well (I have one myself; now a strapping, healthy 8-year-old). The good news is that so far the baby is not being affected. From now on, the OB will be assessing a balancing act - when it's better for baby to be out rather than in; and what point you can be allowed to reach before continuing would bring grave danger to your organs.

Bedrest is controversial as there are no clear studies to suggest it is of benefit, though many of us have certainly felt the benefits of taking things very easy.

I would expevt your OB to order a bunch of bloodwork Thursday to check your liver function. I would have your questions written down - it's easy to feel overwhelmed and forget what it was you wanted to ask.

Some areas for discussion are:

what level your BP will be allowed to run at before meds. Also, what BP would they expect you to call the office - and what level requires a trip to L&D.

If they plan to order steroids to help the baby's lungs should you need to deliver in the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, it's a good idea to log your pressures a few times a day and take them in, so the doctor can look for trends. Also, please read our signs and symptoms page: and be watchful for any changes in your health.

I'm glad you found us: please come back with any other concerns or questions.

Re : New here and worried...

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 637966 5:44 am
by first time
i had sev. pe at 25 week and had to deliver not because of my bp, but because of my protein in my urine. thats the big danger. i was on magnesium sulfate and its makes you feel awful. im working with a perinatologist now and im about over 1 month now. and now bp problems and feel great. im having all the other signs like fatigue and urin. freq. i will pray for you and good luck[:)][:)]
in loving memory of genesis 9/23/06 IUGR-RIP

New here and worried...

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 637966 5:21 am
by ewipp
Hello! I'm new to this board and have been reading a few of the posts here. I'm so glad to have found a place with so much information and knowledge!

I'm 29.5 weeks along but around 28 weeks I started noticing some sudden weight gain and swelling in my feet and ankles. My OB noticed that my BP has been going up to and was concerened I had PreE. The first 24 hr urine test showed I had 255mg protein in my urine, then another 24 hr urine test 5 days later showed it had creeped up to 300mg. They want me to see a high risk OB to see what I should do next. Today I'm doing another 24 hr urine test and am really scared to see how much it has risen. Does bedrest help slow down the protein spill in urine? I've been trying to take it easy, and honestly I'm hoping I get put on some sort of bedrest, it just seems too early to be thinking about delivering anytime soon! My DH and I have been wanting a baby for so long and have gone through 4 invitro treatments to get this far. We are just so scared of what can happen it really worries me, but the dr's say I should just try to relax...easier said than done!

I have been taking my BP at home 2x's a day and it is consistantly high (140-145/85-95), but I have always had slightly high BP, but not this high. I have also had migraines for years so it's hard for me to look for "migraine-like" headaches that could also be a PreE sign.

I'm looking forward to my consult with the high risk OB on 1/4 but also scared about what he has to say...

Can someone tell me what would cause the baby distress? Is it the high blood pressure or the protein in the urine? The OB checked our baby and he seems to not be affected by my BP. I'm just wondering how far I can get to term if I were to go on bedrest.