I had my baby, now on labetalol, have ????

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Re : I had my baby, now on labetalol, have ????

Postby adgirl » Mon Apr 25, 637966 11:27 am

Mine was fine in the hospital and then went up once I got home. They put me on Lebetalol 100mg 2x day at around 157/98 BP. Then the following day it was staying up at 170/100. They doubled the dose, but that evening it went up to around 180/100. When I called in with that pressure, they sent me to the ER where they dosed me down to 140/90 with Labetalol and clonidine. It took a couple of hours to do that. After that I took 400 mg Labetalol/day and a small dose of Clonidine in between. I definitely had varied BP readings that would get higher as I got close to my next dose of meds. Within about 2 weeks they started weaning me off the meds each time the BP dropped to less than 100/70. The weaning was done very gradually and I was completely off of the meds at 14 weeks or thereabouts. I returned to work at 6 weeks post partum, so I did "detatch" from the monitor!!! The first few days I checked it every 4 hours or so and charted everything. It was really scary to see numbers that high especially on some level of meds. I think it just takes a while to get the formula right for each person and for the meds to start working.

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Re : I had my baby, now on labetalol, have ????

Postby superstella » Sun Apr 24, 637966 1:27 pm

Congratulations! I'm on labetalol too, although a smaller dosage. I had my baby Nov. 26, and my bps also went up after delivery. They're still not "normal." I soooo know what you mean about wanting to live a normal life again. I've been told it can take a while for bps to even out, but I agree that a call to your dr. would be prudent just to see what his/her thoughts are.

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Re : I had my baby, now on labetalol, have ????

Postby heather100 » Thu Apr 14, 637966 12:03 pm

Just wanted to say congrats!!! I know my BP stayed up for about a week but I remember my doc saying it could take a month or more. I hope yours returns to normal soon.

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Re : I had my baby, now on labetalol, have ????

Postby littlebit1901 » Wed Apr 13, 637966 9:41 pm

I'm glad you and the baby are well.

I was on Labatelol, but it wasn't lowering my bp enough, so I was also put on another bp med. The dose was only like 10 mg, just enough to get my numbers evened out. It wouldn't hurt to call your dr and let them know. When I was released, I had to check my bp 3 times a day and go back in every week so he could review.

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Re : I had my baby, now on labetalol, have ????

Postby aliciab » Wed Apr 13, 637966 2:20 pm

I had my daughter on November 19th and shortly after I had her in the hospital my blood pressure normalized however before I left he hospital it was elevated again. My doctor said I had mild preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome it took about 3 weeks before my blood pressure went down I was on Labetalol as well but since I got my tubes tied I was put on Avalide which is a Angiotensin Receptor blocker. Now my blood pressure is doing great. Part of my problem was I had so much fluid on board, I think it helped my blood pressure to get that off. Keep monitoring your blood pressure and hopefully you will be able to get off the medication soon.


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Re : I had my baby, now on labetalol, have ????

Postby sarab » Wed Apr 13, 637966 1:50 pm

Hey Ashlee, congratulations on the brith of your baby!! Glad to hear he's doing well.

They say it can take up to six weeks for preeclampsia to resolve. Like Caryn said, it wouldn't hurt to make a quick call and and ask your doc about it. Hopefully things settle down in the next few weeks. That said, preeclampsia can unmask underlying chronic hypertension, so keep an eye on your pressures - even after the six weeks - if they don't return to normal.

Congrats again on the new arrival!

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Re : I had my baby, now on labetalol, have ????

Postby caryn » Wed Apr 13, 637966 8:50 am

I think it is common for bp to be very labile in postpartum PE patients, so the range doesn't seem too surprising to me. That said, I'd put a call in to the doc and ask if there's a level at which she'd want to adjust your med dosage -- in either direction. I was weaned off the labetalol when I started presenting with 90/60 pressures for the lows.

I know just what you mean about being attached to the monitor. [:)] FWIW, my pressures didn't stabilize until about four months postpartum. A lot of posters only have high bp for a few weeks, and some find that they have chronic hypertension postpartum, so unfortunately I think you might be chained to it for a bit longer while your body normalizes.

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I had my baby, now on labetalol, have ????

Postby squirmingcoil » Wed Apr 13, 637966 3:15 am

I delivered my baby on Dec.28th. He's doing great!!! As I figured my BP went up, not down. After Dr. saw the 174/106 she finally agreed to put me on Labetalol. I take 200mg 3X/day. I monitor my BP closely at home and am surprised to find there is quite a range. They've been from 111/79 to 140/94. Is this normal? What should my BP be running while on the medication? Should it even reach 140/94? I'm so sick of being attached to my monitor, I know there are worse things in life, but I just want to live a normal life again.

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