Chronic HTN but no PE?

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Re : Chronic HTN but no PE?

Postby sonja » Tue Jan 20, 637970 7:14 pm

I went onto have a successful second pregnancy after having pregnancy unmask cronic hypertension - I was on bp meds and watched VERY closely, but did not develop pre-e the second time around and had a totally natural child birth. Good luck to you.

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Re : Chronic HTN but no PE?

Postby sreeve » Tue Jan 20, 637970 4:17 pm

I'm in my 2nd pregnancy, having developed chronic HTN after my first pregnancy. I'm 16 weeks along now, on 500 mg of methyldopa, and haven't developed any signs of PE yet! I'm crossing my fingers that everything keeps going smoothly. Good luck to you and I'm wishing you a boring 9 months!

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Chronic HTN but no PE?

Postby trishn2004 » Tue Jan 20, 637970 1:39 pm

Hello again,

I was interested to hear from any of you ladies who had PE in a previous pregnancy, then developed chronic HTN but avoided preeclampsia in a subsequent preganancy. Yes, I'm searching for some great news ladies! Just entering my second pregnancy, now have chronic HTN, trying so hard to get excited but arming myself with as much realistic information as possible to better have a plan in place for what I am worrying is the inevitable. This is going to be a long 9 months! Thaks in advance for your input.

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