Update on Beth 28 Weeks with pe

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Re : Update on Beth 28 Weeks with pe

Postby raspbeari » Fri Jun 22, 637973 4:41 pm

Hey Lynne I live in the denver area. If you want to talk you can send me an email. I was at the ****** Hospital when I delivered Kai, not sure where your daughter is.

I will keep her and her son in my thoughts and prayers.

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Re : Update on Beth 28 Weeks with pe

Postby mommajo » Fri Jun 22, 637973 1:53 pm

Yes my numbers keep going up and down with each test I do. I hope Beth is able to continue buying more time.

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Re : Update on Beth 28 Weeks with pe

Postby mnmom » Fri Jun 22, 637973 1:32 am

Thanks for the update. I am so glad that your daughter is being watched so closely. She, Drake and you continue to be in my prayers.

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Re : Update on Beth 28 Weeks with pe

Postby fiona » Thu Jun 21, 637973 3:43 pm


it's not uncommon for protein numbers to go up and down - it might be that the hospital bedrest is buying Beth a bit more time. I'm so sorry the steroids had such an alarming effect and am glad she has stabilised.

Thanks for the continued updates. Beth and Drake remain in my thoughts.

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Update on Beth 28 Weeks with pe

Postby lynnekay » Thu Jun 21, 637973 2:45 pm

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for all of your prayers regarding my daughter Beth. She is still in the hospital and just finshed her 3rd protein 24 hr. test today. The nurse came in tonight and told us that Beths protein levels have dropped slighlty from 1.9 to 1.6 The nurse said that it is unusual for the numbers to drop and the peri told us yesterday that he expected the numbers to continue to climb. HAS ANYONE EVER HAD THE NUMBERS DROP AFTER A REPEAT 24 HR. URINE TEST?

The drop in her number values is small but we are taking it as a good sign that she is stable for the moment! Her bp is still elevated around 148/90, her feet, ankles & face are swollen and she has gained 3 lbs since being admitted to the hospital 4 nights ago. She also has a mild headache that has not went away for 3 days.

We had a few tough days this week when they gave her 2 steroid shots to help mature her son Drakes lungs. The steroids made her diabetes spin WAY OUT OF CONTROL and they placed her on a constant IV insulin drip & the nurses had to check her blood sugar levels every hour. Poor Beth ended up not only being a huge pin cushion, but she also got very sleep deprived. Thankfully, once the steroids cleared her body the blood sugars came down and she has been able to come off the insulin IV. She is happy to be put back on her own insulin pump so that she can be in control of her Type I diabetes herself. She finally got about 4 undisturbed hours of sleep last night and she feels a lot better. We have quickly found out that having Type I Diabetes makes pe a bit more complicated.

I told my husband that I feel like we are in the middle of the Eye of the PE Hurricane!!! The fact is Beth has mild pe right now and it will get worse, it is just a matter of time. Hopefully, Beth will continue to stay "stable" for a few more weeks and keep Drake in her tummy. The peri said that each day he stays inside is a GIFT of time as long as Beth and him are relatively healthy :-)

Playing the PE waiting game in Colorado ~ Lynne

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