Questions before being induced this Monday!!

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Re : Questions before being induced this Monday!!

Postby caryn » Sat Dec 13, 637975 5:55 pm

Anne, I'm hoping all went well and you're holding your little one right now. Please post when you can!

kelly w
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Re : Questions before being induced this Monday!!

Postby kelly w » Mon Dec 01, 637975 9:42 pm

Mag was not as bad for me as it was for many of the moms here - I actually felt better on mag because it brought my blood pressures down to non-stroke levels. [:)] It did make me feel a little wonky, but not anything horrible.

I've been induced with all mine too, and they have all latched and nursed well [except #2 who received a mouth/throat injury after birth, but not related to mag or induction at all].

Good luck! I hope you have a good birth and that everything goes perfectly with nursing the baby!


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Re : Questions before being induced this Monday!!

Postby echap77 » Mon Dec 01, 637975 7:18 pm

Well, my experience w/mag was that it made my muscles "not work". I had to be carried to the bathroom. I really hated it. My baby was born - she was fine, but did have some effects from the mag as far as her muscles being a little limp at first. I don't know if it was from that or from some of the other stuff I was on, but they told me that if I wanted to BF (which I wasn't planning on anyway) that they needed me to wait 24 hours. But the thing is, my milk NEVER came in. So let me tell you the shock I was in for when it came in w/my second child. Man, did it hurt when they got engorged! Anyway, good luck to you. I have already been begging my doc. to avoid the mag is possible (w/o putting me or baby in danger) and she said that we will try, as long as the situation seems under control.

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Re : Questions before being induced this Monday!!

Postby mommajo » Wed Nov 19, 637975 8:48 pm

My mag experience wasn't as bad as some of the stories I have read around here. The biggest issue I had with it was the swelling. I was able to breastfeed. My son had a little bit of trouble nursing well in the beginning but we stuck with it and by the time he was about 2 weeks old he was nursing like a champ. He was born at 36 weeks and I think the issues we had were more related to being a little early than to the mag. He would just get tired easily and not do full-feedings.

Good luck with your induction, I hope it goes smoothly for you.

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Re : Questions before being induced this Monday!!

Postby alviarin » Sun Nov 09, 637975 2:00 am

I don't have a positive mag story, but I'm not sure if the reason I felt bad was the PE or the mag, since I felt bad before they put me on mag. The mag did burn a little going in at first so the nurse put an ice pack on my arm and that seemed to help.

In addition to mag I was on restricted fluids. After he was born DS didn't have problems latching on and nursing, but after nursing for a while he would literally pull off screaming in hunger.

The hospital pediatrician and latation consultant said it would be ok for him to be a little hungry- since he was big and healthy and babies are born with extra fluid- but I couldn't take any more of my little guy crying from hunger when I could make things better.

We decided to supplement w/ formula, but I made sure to put him to the breast for as long as possible before feeding him a little formula via syringe. After we came home we were able to gradually wean off the formula over the course of a couple weeks.

I found the lactation consultant at the hospital to be a help with both kiddos. DS was alert and had a great latch but was still hungry. With DD I was induced at 37 weeks, I had no mag but she was overly sleepy and had problems staying latched on.

We were keeping a close eye on DD's output, and it took her a little longer than normal to make it up to her birthweight. But now she is a total chub- she looks like the Gerber baby and is 20 pounds at 8 months of age.

I hope everything goes smoothly for you Monday. I was born the day after Easter one year and growing up my mother always told me that the Easter Bunny brought me. :)

mother bear
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Re : Questions before being induced this Monday!!

Postby mother bear » Sat Nov 08, 637975 1:28 pm

Mag was not fun, but the quadruple vision that went with it sure was! Never did get dd to figure out breastfeeding, but then it took 3 months for her mouth to literally get big enough to have a prayer of latching, and by then, well, she was kind of set in her ways. You shouldn't have that kind of problem, though!

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Re : Questions before being induced this Monday!!

Postby sonja » Sat Nov 08, 637975 10:23 am

I had mag and did not seem to have the horrible experience that most gals here have on it - I hope that your experience will be okay as well. One word of advice - keep an open mind about the pain meds - I was induced and it made labor really tough - I too didn't want it, but was glad that I did in the end. Good luck to you.

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Re : Questions before being induced this Monday!!

Postby michellelhuston » Sat Nov 08, 637975 9:52 am

Mag was not fun! I remember being really, really hot! Good luck to you! I hope that everything goes well for you!

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Re : Questions before being induced this Monday!!

Postby halo79rn » Sat Nov 08, 637975 9:38 am

Mag is not fun... and we did have bf'ing issues.. well feeding in general. dd was so sleepy for her first day of life... we had to force feed her. I did a lot of pumping. She ultimately had a receding chin problem that caused latch issues for a few months (not mag related at all)... but the first day she wouldn't even try, was so drowsy .. too, we were induced 36w 5d, no where near effaced or dilated... there was a question on dates and the pediatricians think she was younger than the obs believed.. so that could be part of the problem too. Also, they had to cut my mag dose down b/c of signs of toxicity. I was so out of it. But if it prevents the worst, I'd do it again.

good luck! hope your induction goes smoothing. happy and healthy L&D to you and baby!

jana m
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Re : Questions before being induced this Monday!!

Postby jana m » Sat Nov 08, 637975 9:15 am

I was on Mag for two weeks (long story) and it is not fun (I cannot tell a lie), but it works. It's really difficult to do much of anything and it makes you feel kind of lousy. Just remember that the effects will start to fade shortly after they turn it off.

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