anyone get high b/p controlled by meds, but not PE

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norlisa k
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Re : anyone get high b/p controlled by meds, but not PE

Postby norlisa k » Sat Jan 20, 637979 1:21 am

Hi Rebecca,

My high blood pressure was controlled by meds (atenolol) and I did not get preeclampsia while I was pregnant. Delivered my twins at 38.4 weeks.

Sorry that none of us can predict the future, but vigilance and teaming up with a doc that you trust, can hopefully give you peace of mind that you're doing all that you can for you and your baby.

Here's hoping for lots more "cooking time" and health for you and your baby,

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Re : anyone get high b/p controlled by meds, but not PE

Postby gwennie » Fri Jan 19, 637979 7:15 pm

HI there,
Yes, I developed high BP at 17 weeks. It was crazy high (180/110) and I felt just awful!!! My Dr. put me on Aldomet/bed rest. It took about 4 weeks to regulate the dosage and get my BP under control. I have had a lot of monitoring and tests but I still have no protein, sudden weight gain, headaches, or any of the other symptoms of PE, except a bit of foot and hand swelling.
And now I am 38w 4 days and the baby and I are doing fine. The Dr. was even was talking to me about what we will do If I go past my due date.
In my non-medical opinion I would say to you to take your BP seriously. Keep it closely monitored, and let your health care providers do the worrying.
I wish you a long and healthy pregnancy!

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Re : anyone get high b/p controlled by meds, but not PE

Postby aundapenner » Thu Dec 28, 637978 6:12 am

I was diagnosed with PIH around 28 weeks, and was subsequently put on moderate bedrest at home. We controlled it with lots of monitoring (including bumping up the aldomet) until week 33. That was when I ended up in the hospital and got my 2 pain in the tookus steroid shots. DS was born just at 34 weeks.



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julie f
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Re : anyone get high b/p controlled by meds, but not PE

Postby julie f » Thu Dec 28, 637978 1:10 am


I'm so sorry to hear that your bp has gone up. It's definitely possible that they may put you on meds but it will really depend on your doctor and just how high your bp is.

Let us know how Monday goes. If in your shoes, I'd also for a set of baseline labs and a 24 hour.

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Re : anyone get high b/p controlled by meds, but not PE

Postby sonja » Sat Dec 16, 637978 6:45 pm

Hi Rebecca - I got put on bp meds at 13ish weeks (I can never remember exactly) and did not go on to develop pre-e in my second pregnancy. Like you said, I can't know what your future holds. Just take care of yourself and work with your OB's for the best care possible. Let us know how you are doing.

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anyone get high b/p controlled by meds, but not PE

Postby rebecca » Sat Dec 16, 637978 11:11 am

So I'm 26 weeks into my second pregnancy. Was diagnosed with PE suddenly at 30 weeks in last pregnancy (made it to 34 on strict hospital bedrest), but had only been being monitored every 4 weeks, so who knows how long I had it before then. My b/p has gone up, but it has gone up in response to a very stressful and difficult personal situation that our family is facing. Literally, it was okay one day then it was high the morning after receiving a bad phone call. It doesn't seem to want to come down. So far, no protein, only minor swelling that goes away with elevation and hydration. I have an appt on Monday to talk to the dr. It is possible that they might put me on meds? Could this just be PIH in response to stresses and not the beginning of PE? (I know, I know, nobody will know that until it either develops or doesn't develop). But I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that developed high b/p in 2nd trimester that was controlled with meds and you made it pretty far into the pregnancy. Looking for some hope!

Thanks ladies!

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