Reluctant to drink water

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Re : Reluctant to drink water

Postby ambersjourney » Wed Oct 16, 637991 5:05 pm


Did you ever find an answer?

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Re : Reluctant to drink water

Postby laura » Sat Feb 24, 637979 8:13 am

I totally agree with Julie- staying hydrated is very important, for reasons ranging from keeping your amniotic fluid up to preventing you from having contractions-- swelling of that magnatude should definitely be evaluated by your doc sooner than later- let us know what you find out, ok?

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julie f
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Re : Reluctant to drink water

Postby julie f » Sat Feb 24, 637979 6:01 am

If in your shoes, I'd call the nephrologist's office, they should have someone on-call who can help you out. I can understand your concern about too much water, but not enough is also not good.

Definitely a question for a doctor, let us know what you find out.

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Reluctant to drink water

Postby minion26 » Sat Feb 24, 637979 3:06 am

This is really stupid (I'm sure) and I meant to ask the nephrologist about it. Now she's out of town until next week so I thought I'd come to you all. I'll start by saying that she knows about the problem and has ordered another kidney u/s.

I've become afraid to drink water. Everytime I drink as much water as I'm supposed to in a day my face swells up, I gain lots of weight (like 10 pounds), and my bp goes up. It takes me hours to process any water that I drink and I hold on to most of it. As stupid as it sounds, I'm afraid that by drinking water I'm damaging my kidneys. Can anyone put my mind at ease about this. I'm not spilling any protein and my labs are still looking good. What do you think?

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