Drake is here YEAH...

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Re : Drake is here YEAH...

Postby michellelhuston » Sat Oct 13, 637979 2:55 pm

What a long road you have been down! Congratulations Grandma!!!! I am so happy to hear that everyone is doing well!

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Re : Drake is here YEAH...

Postby caryn » Sat Oct 13, 637979 9:30 am

Thank goodness! I'm so pleased they moved to deliver Drake and he is here and healthy. I hope Beth's recovery is easy and quick.

Welcome Earthside, Drake!

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Re : Drake is here YEAH...

Postby season » Sat Oct 13, 637979 1:24 am


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Re : Drake is here YEAH...

Postby echap77 » Sat Oct 13, 637979 1:22 am

Lynne - YEAH! He's so cute! I'm glad to see he's fat and healthy - I LOVE those cheeks! Congratulations - you all have been down a long and rough road, and it's finally come to a peaceful end! Way to go!

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Re : Drake is here YEAH...

Postby kelly w » Sat Oct 13, 637979 1:10 am

Congratulations! What a wonderful result after all the worries!

I hope he's home soon and that Beth does well.


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Re : Drake is here YEAH...

Postby miracle3 » Fri Oct 12, 637979 9:37 pm

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! He is a cutie!!!

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Re : Drake is here YEAH...

Postby sonja » Fri Oct 12, 637979 9:12 pm

What a beauty!!! Congratulations - and born on my Amelia's 3rd birthday - what a great day!!!

Enjoy Drake!

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Re : Drake is here YEAH...

Postby mada » Fri Oct 12, 637979 9:05 pm

[:)][:D][:)][:D][:)][:D][:D][:)][:D]!!! Hooray!!!!

jana m
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Re : Drake is here YEAH...

Postby jana m » Fri Oct 12, 637979 4:30 pm

He is beautiful!! I'm glad Drake and Mom are doing well. I'm sure once they go home you will be able to take a nice deep breath. How lucky your family is to have had you for support during this incredibly bumpy ride.

I'm glad you all got the happy ending you deserved.

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Re : Drake is here YEAH...

Postby suz7171 » Fri Oct 12, 637979 1:53 pm

YEAH!!! Drake is here and all is well! What a wonderful ending (or beginning, really)!

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