Drake is having issues...

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby heather100 » Wed Oct 24, 637979 11:45 am

Oh, Lynne. I'm sorry for the fluid on Drake's lungs. I remember the CPAP vividly and it was not fun. It makes babies look so helpless. It really tore me up emotionally the day I saw Paige with it. But, it's what is necessary to get him healthy to go home. I'm sorry Beth is feeling so bad. I hope her body starts to heal itself and she is feeling better soon. And sending positive thoughts to Drake that his lungs heal soon as well.

Hugs to all of you!!!

shelbys mom
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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby shelbys mom » Wed Oct 24, 637979 8:25 am

HI, hope things are better this am, I am hoing and praying for him to get well soon and Beth too

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby dwine10 » Wed Oct 24, 637979 8:04 am

Hi Lynne,

How are mom and baby doing today? You guys are in my thoughts.

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby two_tzu » Tue Oct 23, 637979 11:07 am

First of all- CONGRATS!!! Beth has done a super job baking this baby as long as she could. 36 weeks is a great spot to get to, compared to where she started with this, and Drake looks like he's big and fierce enough to pull through his small issues.

Secondly, I agree with Sandy to have someone take photos of the baby to his mom! If she hasn't been able to see him yet, she will appreciate it. And even if she has seen him, the photos will make the times she is chained to the bed with up and down BP and sugars easier.

One word of caution though, from my own experience.

When my son was born, I could not see him for a couple days due to my fluctuating BP (well, I actually broke out of jail and snuck down the hallway a couple of times to see him before the nurses caught on :^>).

My husband thoughtfully took a couple of photos of Alex with the new digital camera we had bought the week before. Unfortunately, the camera angle and the distortion from the NICU plastic bedcover made my baby look like he was about 6 inches long! I completely broke into tears and it was about 15 minutes before I was made to understand that, even at 28 weeks, my baby wasn't THAT small!

Though it didn't work out for Alex in the end, he gave it a fighting try. And I will always remember the first moment I saw him...

Good luck to you and yours,

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby ladybug76135 » Tue Oct 23, 637979 10:05 am

Our prayers are with them both. Remind Beth to take care of herself so she can give Drake lots of snuggles and love when he comes home.


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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby heather j » Tue Oct 23, 637979 7:22 am

I know the road still seems long for you guys, but I'm sending you lots of prayers (along with everyone else) that everyone - Beth and Drake - gets the rest and care they need to make a quick recovery!

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby echap77 » Sat Oct 13, 637979 8:20 pm

Lynne - I will definitely be praying for all of you. I'm SURE Drake will pull through this rough patch! He is already a miracle baby. And I know Beth is so stressed, but hopefully they will get her BP and sugar under control soon so she will be feeling much better. Thinking about you....

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby sonja » Sat Oct 13, 637979 3:05 pm

Sending warm thoughts your way. I hope that you dd can get some rest!

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julie f
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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby julie f » Sat Oct 13, 637979 2:54 pm


Please know that all of you remain in my prayers,

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby cindyh27 » Sat Oct 13, 637979 9:00 am

Lynne, thanks so much for taking the time to update everyone... I know how scary this all can be... hang in there! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family...

((hugs)) Cindy

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