Drake is having issues...

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby sandy » Sat Oct 13, 637979 8:46 am

Hang in there. There are no words I can say to help you or any of your family feel better. Know, though, that you're all in my prayers.

Your post brought tears to my eyes. It's been a while since my similar experience, but still, I guess it will always be there. I have been there, trying to get myself back to a safe spot, separated from my baby...not being able to go down to see her, touch her...start that bonding that seems to naturally be the next step.

One thing that did help is a social worker took a few polaroid pictures of her and brought them up to me. That helped me feel a little connected to her. Then my husband went down and videotaped her and walked up and showed it to me in my room. That helped me feel a little more connected, too.

You're all in a really tough spot right now. I'll look forward to your continued updates.

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby michelle_chandler » Sat Oct 13, 637979 8:23 am

Lynne - (((HUGS))) Will continue to pray for Beth and Drake. As a NICU mommy I know how hard it is to not be able to hold/comfort your baby. Wishing Beth and sweet baby Drake a speedy recovery.

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby lbdefelice » Sat Oct 13, 637979 6:32 am

Beth and Drake continue to be in my prayers. Keep us updated on how they both are doing.

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby mnmom » Sat Oct 13, 637979 5:45 am

I was finally able to check for an update, but your family was in my thoughts and prayers all day yesterday. I am so happy that baby Drake is finally here. He is beautiful! Soon he will be home and then Beth will really, really know what exhausted means[:D] Congratulations, Grandma! Keep us updated on Beth and Drake's progress.

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby rachel a » Sat Oct 13, 637979 5:43 am

Emerson will be in my prayers!

jana m
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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby jana m » Sat Oct 13, 637979 5:41 am

Thinking good thoughts for all of you.

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby kara » Sat Oct 13, 637979 5:31 am

As a mom who spent 27 days in the NICU I want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you guys and Drake. The CPAP is completely normal for these little kiddoo's who had a rough time in the womb. My DD was on CPAP for a few days with a couple of scares where we thought she'd have to go on ventilator. But she came through. Not touching or holding the babies is the worst part, when all you want to do is comfort them...but their little systems are so stressed that stillness, darkness, warmth, and quiet is the BEST for them. It was a few days before we could hold DD and then we were only allowed to hold her for 1/2 an hour at a time for the next week or two.

Please give our love to Beth and let her know this is very normal and that Drake will be strong very soon so he can visit his momma!!

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby miracle3 » Sat Oct 13, 637979 3:40 am

Sending your family many ((HUGS)) especially Beth. I am one of those mothers that can honestly say I know how hard it is not to be able to hold your baby. Man your post brings back so many memories. On a positive note it is true that they do come around. Sometimes those first 24-48 hours are the hardest ever. Once he starts coming around I think you will see him improve very quickly. Hang in there. Sending prayers right this minute.

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Re : Drake is having issues...

Postby Guest » Sat Oct 13, 637979 3:35 am

Oh Lynne

I will be thinking about little Drake and Beth. I am sure that they will both pull through this just fine.

Take good care,

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Drake is having issues...

Postby lynnekay » Sat Oct 13, 637979 3:09 am

For those of you that pray, PLEASE PRAY!!!

Little man Drake is encountering more trouble with the fluid in his lungs and he is getting exhausted from trying to breath so hard on his own power. The neo-natal dr's have put him on a C-pap machine which forces air into his immature lungs so he does not have to extend any more energy when he breathes. They have him sedated & tightly swaddled in a blanket under a warmer in the NICU to mimic the womb, so that he can get some much needed rest as his lungs recover. We can go into the NICU to look at him but we have to be quite and not touch him. It is VERY DIFFICULT to see him like this, but we know it is for the best right now. The NICU staff has assured us that this is normal for a premature baby of a mother with diabetes, and given some time to rest he should come out of this just fine. I am sure many of you moms who had babies early have walked the NICU road. The neonatal dr. just told us to expect Drake to be in ther for at least 1 wk.

Beth is a wreck both emotionally and physically... Her blood pressure is still high due to the preeclampsia as we knew it could be. The dr. has started her on blood pressure meds to control it. Her diabetes is wildly out of control also after delivery. When she was pregnant her body required a lot more insulin and now that he is born her body is requiring a lot less insulin so the dr's are working hard to get her insulin requirements back on track. She has not slept for the last 48 hours so she is exhausted. She is worried about Drake and she feels awful that she can not be with him. The dr. gave her a sedative and now she is finally sleeping...

Thank you for all of your support and prayers over the last few months, please keep the prayers going as they both recover from this difficult time.

It is times like these when you realize that you have no where to go, but on your knees in prayer!!! I have faith that we will all come out of this deep valley and soon be standing on the mountain-top of victory...

I will keep you updated ~ Lynne

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