Atenolol and breastfeeding

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Re : Atenolol and breastfeeding

Postby norlisa k » Sun Oct 14, 637979 10:12 am

Hi Stacy,

Ditto. Getting the "OK" green light and peace of mind from experts whom you trust is key.

On a personal note, my IBCLCs, perinatologist, and twins' pediatrician all gave the green light to breastfeed on 100mg of atenolol daily. No adverse effects because of the atenolol.

Wishing you the best,

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Re : Atenolol and breastfeeding

Postby julie f » Sun Oct 14, 637979 1:49 am


I agree with Caryn in checking it out, always best to get the final word from the experts.

On a personal note, I was on atenolol while breastfeeding my son - peri and OB both told me it was fine.

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Re : Atenolol and breastfeeding

Postby caryn » Sat Oct 13, 637979 10:47 pm

Tons of us have breastfed on atenolol, labetalol, procardia, etc. But for a question like this, the go-to guys are the International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs.) Is there one at your hospital you can reach to discuss it? My NICU had an IBCLC on staff...

Here's a couple of older discussions about it:

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Atenolol and breastfeeding

Postby katesm » Sat Oct 13, 637979 10:02 pm

I am currently on 50mg of Atenolol and have had different opinions on the safety of this drug and breastfeeding. My daughter's doctor says that it would be safe to breastfeed however the internist I am seeing has told me to stop. The peri that I saw during pregnancy that put me on Atenolol has also said it is safe. I don't know what to do. I know that breast milk would greatly benefit my child but I don't want to harm her. Any suggestions or opinions?

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