Update! I'm home! YEAH!!!

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Re : Update! I'm home! YEAH!!!

Postby kristi78 » Fri Apr 02, 637982 4:23 pm

My OB told me that Blood Pressure is a symptom of PE and that even if my bp is under control that PE can still hit.. So all the things like high bp, vision stuff, swelling etc all kinda go together and that if PE is going to come it's just kinda going to come. That is what he told me last time I was in. Because I too have been feeling quite a bit better now that my pressure has stablized to at least 130/80. However I do know that once I get up and try to cheat I start to feel quite bad quite quickly. So that I don't over tax my body I am going to go ahead and do the bedrest. Keep reminding yourself that the only reason you feel good is because of medicine not because you actually are well it's a cover up. At least that is what I tell myself because without this medicine my pressure would be scarey high and the last thing I need is my medicine to stop working.

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Re : Update! I'm home! YEAH!!!

Postby cindyh27 » Thu Apr 01, 637982 12:46 pm

Fantastic news! Ditto on the take it easy advice... you don't want to over do it ;) You are so right... things can change so quickly... just try and relax... and hang in there! You're doing a great job ;)

Praying for you! ~ Cindy

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Re : Update! I'm home! YEAH!!!

Postby jordyjsmom » Tue Mar 23, 637982 3:06 pm

Caryn- Thanks for the info. They didn't say anything about activity level, i plan on asking tomorrow at my apt. I don't want to push my luck. Its still too early for him to come and i know things can go from stable to life threatening in a matter of hours so the thought of being up and doing things scares me a little.

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Re : Update! I'm home! YEAH!!!

Postby caryn » Tue Mar 23, 637982 3:28 am

"Brighter" may mean that the placenta's more oxidized than it should be at that gestational age -- the white spots that show up on the screen are calcium, parts that are hardened and aren't sending blood across any more.

It's normal for placentae to age, to develop oxidized parts etc., and it's all a part of how labor is signalled to begin. But in us preeclamptics, sometimes the placenta matures too quickly, and those white spots start to show up.

Since she said blood flow was still good, I'd guess she's figuring the oxidation isn't affecting the ability of the placenta to ferry blood to the baby significantly, yet.

BP meds are not really thought to slow the progression of PE, but this is still somewhat controversial -- because in chronic hypertensives, there's some reason to think meds might help. In general, though, they're used to lower the risk of adverse maternal outcomes, and aren't supposed to affect the progression of the disease at all.

As for doing more around the house, did the peri or your OB give you any instructions about activity? There's actually no research support for bedrest whatsoever -- our Experts have been very clear on that point here: http://www.preeclampsia.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10150 -- BUT some women do find that their pressures stay down as long as they are not very active, and that activity raises their pressures. (I was the opposite; activity lowered my pressures, so I walked like 22 miles the weekend before I was admitted.)

Keep us posted, girl!

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Re : Update! I'm home! YEAH!!!

Postby lynnekay » Mon Mar 22, 637982 10:25 pm


I am happy you are out of the hosp. & your bp is now under control. Let me coat-tail with the others advice = DO NOT OVER DO IT!!! Please, continue bed rest and cook your baby as long as you can...

I too look forward to hearing what a "bright placenta" means.

Hang in there and behave :-)

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Re : Update! I'm home! YEAH!!!

Postby lbdefelice » Mon Mar 22, 637982 9:40 pm


I am so happy that you are home. I bet Jordyn is very happy to have her mommy home too. Please take everyone's advice and take it easy and not do too much. Please take it easy and take care of yourself.

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Re : Update! I'm home! YEAH!!!

Postby mom2tori » Fri Mar 12, 637982 12:27 am

Bethany, I am glad that your bp is under control and that you are resting at home. I bet Jordyn is so happy!! Please get the rest you need and please don't do too much even though it is tempting. Take care and congrats on being home

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Re : Update! I'm home! YEAH!!!

Postby rebecca » Thu Mar 11, 637982 9:37 pm

Yeah!! Let me tell you from experience, DO NOT do more at home. I did that twice. My bp started to rise at 24 weeks. I was finally put on labetelol at 29 weeks and it brought it down. I thought, great, now I can do more around the house and work on getting the nursery ready. I didn't really do all that much, but it was enough to land me back in the hospital a week after starting the meds and bp's were no longer controlled. They upped my dose (from 200mg a day to 600 mg a day) and stupid me did the same thing -- started doing some laundry and very light housekeeping. I felt good and bps were stable. That lasted two days. I crashed again and spent two more nights in the hospital. I know it's tempting, but please adhere to your bedrest and do not try to take on more even though you might feel like it and it doesn't seem strenuous. Good luck!!

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Re : Update! I'm home! YEAH!!!

Postby heather100 » Thu Mar 11, 637982 4:59 pm

Yippie for being home!! Ditto on Kelly's advice.. DO not do more around the house. You should be resting-in my non-medical opinion. I'm not sure about the bright placenta. Hope someone can clarify!

Sending you mild pre-e vibes so you can make it at least 8 more weeks!!

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Re : Update! I'm home! YEAH!!!

Postby kelly w » Thu Mar 11, 637982 2:16 pm

I'm so glad you are home and still pregnant! [:D]

Hey - DON'T go over do it! Do not do more around the house. [:)] You have been given a gift here of some extra time for your baby to mature, take it as easy as possible and try to make sure you make the most of that time - rest and let the baby grow!

It really doesn't matter whether your PE is "regular" PE or "superimposed" PE - either way it is just as dangerous and just as scary. Generally my understanding is that chronic hypertension is diagnosed when the high BPs begin BEFORE 20 weeks. That said, I never had hypertension outside of pregnancy or before 32 weeks until after my 4th child, and THEN I developed it - so you never know.

I don't know what it means about the placenta. I look forward to hearing what others have to say about that. Anything about the placenta always freaked me out so I hope you get some good answers!


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