A little worried...

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Re : A little worried...

Postby ecfeeney » Sat Jul 20, 637985 5:16 am

Just wanted to chime in on all the wishes of other girls, hope it's okay tommorrow, I'm due same day as you :)

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Re : A little worried...

Postby sonja » Sat Jul 20, 637985 4:03 am

I hope that your little one passes the BPP with flying colors and your fluid goes up! Take care of yourself and let us know how you are.

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Re : A little worried...

Postby heather100 » Fri Jul 19, 637985 3:40 pm

So sorry to hear the fluid levels are still dropping. I hope today's BPP was better and you don't have to deliver yet.

Let us know when you can!

rachel a
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Re : A little worried...

Postby rachel a » Tue Jul 09, 637985 7:42 am


I sent you an email through your profile. Let me know if that helps!

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Re : A little worried...

Postby lynnekay » Tue Jul 09, 637985 7:29 am


It sounds like you have a peri who is keeping a very watchful eye on you, and that is a great thing!!! At this point in your pregnancy with the problems you are experiencing I think it would be a good idea to have you in the hospital and watch you and your little one like a hawk. I know that lying in a hospital bed is not a lot of fun, but if it means keeping a safe watch over your precious cargo and fending off any further issues, it is a great place to be until delivery.

Please keep us updated when you can.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and will watch for updates from you.

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Re : A little worried...

Postby Guest » Tue Jul 09, 637985 5:33 am

Hi Jeri

I am not a Doctor and have absolutely NO clue about what any of your numbers mean. However, I wish you all the best! :-) I know that this is a worrisome time but try to stay positive. Please keep us posted.

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A little worried...

Postby macksmommy » Tue Jul 09, 637985 5:18 am

I had my appt today with my peri, my amniotic fluid was down a bit from last week, 6.6 (7.52 Last wk). My BPP score was 8/10 though. I got a zero on fetal tone. They tried to stimulate her for half an hour without any success. I have never had any probs with that before. I hv noticed decreased movement but she is growing and running out of space to move due to my low amniotic fluid. So anyhow I have to return to my peri tomorrow for a repeat BPP. He told me to pack a bag in case he decides to put me in the hospital. I have been having weekly uric acid levels drawn. My levels were 3.1 then 3.6 the next wk and now 4.3 today, My level of 4.3 is still considered WNL but I am a bit concerned to see the trend of it going up a bit each week, I don't know if there is any significance to this. I have NO signs of PE right now. My only prob is continued low amniotic fluid. She also remains breech and both physicians tell me to plan on a C Section. I REALLY hope I do not end up in the hospital tomorrow.


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