Urine Test Question

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Re : Urine Test Question

Postby caryn » Tue Jul 30, 637985 3:05 am

Agreed -- plus, I went from trace on a dipstick to +4 on a dipstick in under a week and it was when things got serious, and it went along with significant nausea. I thought I was getting the stomach flu, but it was that my liver enzymes were on the rise, which can trigger nausea.

At least one of our Experts has referred to nausea as an "underappreciated symptom" so if you're hurling and +2 *and* have diagnostic-level pressures, I'd definitely give your doc a ring or head into L&D.

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Re : Urine Test Question

Postby rachel a » Sat Jul 20, 637985 7:23 pm

That's definitely deserving of a call to your doctor. It's difficult even for us (for ourselves that is) to gauge if we are or are NOT well hydrated. If you are getting a 2+ I'd call and let your doctor now.

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Re : Urine Test Question

Postby zoel » Sat Jul 20, 637985 10:35 am


I'd call your ob - best to be safe than sorry. My ob has advised me to call him if I get 2+or more - each ob would have different 'worry' levels.

Take care, and keep us updated, Zoe

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Urine Test Question

Postby dustyroadgurl » Sat Jul 20, 637985 7:55 am

I know the Dip test are not really reliable, but today I tested twice and both were 2+, but i'm a little dehydrated due to the fact that i have not kept much down today. My bp is holding on around 145/93 so

My question is even if i'm Dehydrated isnt 2+ high enough to be worried,

At home i've never had more than 1+ even if i was dehydrated

my last 24 catch was a week ago, and the dr said it was still under acceptable amounts but was on the rise from my last one. (dont remember what my numbers were)

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