New to Forum- ? on Dehydration and 24 Urine test

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Re : New to Forum- ? on Dehydration and 24 Urine test

Postby denise » Sat Apr 15, 637989 6:09 am

Welcome Amber. Glad to hear things are looking good. Do you already have a new OB lined up for after you move?

Being informed about our bodies and preeclampsia is a wonderful thing for another pregnancy. You know what to watch for. You know your body best. I know that with my second pg, I was worried and felt like I was waiting for the shoe to drop. We prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Best of luck to you, and I look forward to seeing you around on the forum.

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Re : New to Forum- ? on Dehydration and 24 Urine test

Postby caryn » Fri Apr 14, 637989 4:06 am

Hi Amber, and welcome to the forums!

Dehydration shouldn't affect the 24-hour at all. It does affect the dipsticks, but the 24-hour measures how much protein in a 24-hour period, regardless of how hydrated you are -- they correct for that.

Here's a link to our Experts on this:

Welcome again.

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New to Forum- ? on Dehydration and 24 Urine test

Postby ambersjourney » Tue Apr 04, 637989 9:20 am

Hi! This is my first post, but I have been reading the forums for the past three weeks or so. I am now 25 weeks.

I had HG and PE in my first pregnancy, and my son was born at 32wks. 4 Pounds 1 ounce. He came home after four wks in NICU, healthy.

Somehow, we managed to get pregnant again, and my ds will have a sister for his birthday. I had ms for the first 16 wks, but thankfully not HG! And much shorter duration than my first pregnancy.

Around 20 weeks my BP began to increase. My non Preg BPs are 100-110/60-70. After charting my BPs for about ten days, (I was getting 140-160/90-110), I went to my first peri appt. I was put on labetolol 200 daily. My BP has continued to rise and I am on my third increase of meds, now 500 daily.

I had an US at 23weeks, placenta looked good, baby growing well.

I had my first 24hour urine, turned it in yesterday, just got results in: 161.

So, I gave you all the background information so that I could ask one question! LOL. If I am dehydrated during the 24 hour urine test, does that falsely increase the protien or drop the numbers?
Quite frankly I just have a forboding sense of it all happening again, with the BPs I am concerned. Everything else looks good right now. No severe swelling. Initially I gained 5 pounds around the time my BP was rising, but weight has been steady since then. With urine in normal range, that calms me.

Ok, so second question, when should I request another 24 hour urine? To make sure that its not increasing... one week? Two?

My next appt is Sept 6. I am taking the GD test and getting an US.
I move cross country on Sept 15th. I will 27 and half weeks at that time. Another reason I am keeping on this! I can't get stuck here. My husband has a new job to start. I would be alone.

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