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Re : Anyone know about H63D mutation

Posted: Sat Apr 15, 637989 12:12 pm
by alviarin
I've also read that iron overload can affect the thyroid gland, causing hypothyroidism in some people.

Re : Anyone know about H63D mutation

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 637989 1:11 pm
by lucy21
Thanks Caryn....I had a sneaking suspicion you'd reply !! You're amazing and really should be able to practice medicine with all the "stuff" you know.
My doctor has added to my file that I "have" haemachromatosis" and gave me a copy of the blood analysis which reads:
H63D Mutation - Homozygote
BUT at the minute my irons is actually LOW ?!?!? It is 17 and the normal range on the blood test sheet is 18-200. He said this would be due to my heavy periods (as Dr. Caryn already mentioned !!!), and all I have to do is have feritin tests every six months to make sure my iron doesn't go the other way.
My mum's was through the roof when she was diagnosed and has been having blood taken every 3 weeks for the past 4 months to get it back to a normal level.
I will look into it further, as maybe the liver link could be something, who knows.
Thanks again for your reply! You're the best.
Love Lucy XX

Re : Anyone know about H63D mutation

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 637989 4:15 am
by caryn
Lucy, I don't know that the two have ever been associated, but doesn't haemachromotosis eventually cause liver problems? I suppose you might have quiescent liver damage that only causes problems when you're pregnant. (On that note, do you actually have it, or just the one polymorphism -- is your iron actually elevated? IIRC women who are menstruating don't usually have problems...)

If I find anything, I'll post it.

Anyone know about H63D mutation

Posted: Tue Apr 04, 637989 8:33 pm
by lucy21
Hi everyone,
As I am VERY UNSKILLED at searching effectively for things on the internet, I wondered if anyone knew of any link between H63D mutation and Pre-eclampsia. I have just found out I have this mutation after being tested for haemachromatosis, which my mum has.
If anyone knows ANYTHING about it or where I could look, I would be extrememly grateful.
Thank you,
Lots of Love, Lucy XX[?]