high bp and delivery question

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Re : high bp and delivery question

Postby caryn » Tue May 12, 637992 5:39 pm

Sometimes, for a little while.

However, bp is only one of the more obvious manifestations of the disease, and with lots of people, even if the bp is reasonably well-controlled, the placental connection is still going downhill -- with less blood going to the baby, and so forth.

So you can end up with a sick mom and a relatively okay baby, stabilize the mom, but by doing so lower her blood pressure and thus the flow of blood to the baby, and then end up with a sick baby who needs to be delivered. That's essentially what happened to me -- I went in with high bp but an 8/8 on the BPP, and two days later was severe but stable, but with a 4/8 on the BPP plus a couple decels. Delivery was for fetal indicators, then.

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Re : high bp and delivery question

Postby leftcoastgirl » Tue May 12, 637992 3:03 pm

In my experience they are also looking at other things such as kidney function (while my BP was stabilized on mag, I had other indicators) ... my kidneys were rapidly giving up, and I had cerebral edema (very bad headache). So yeah, there is more to it than just the BP...I'm sure others will chime in on this.

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Re : high bp and delivery question

Postby sonja » Tue May 12, 637992 1:02 pm

I would guess that if they were going to deliver because your bp was too high they would continue with the induction. All situations would be case by case in how mom and babe are doing. Good luck to you.

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high bp and delivery question

Postby mommyboo » Tue May 12, 637992 12:22 pm

If they decide to deliver you because your BP is high but they give you IV meds and it comes down, can they put off delivery?

I ask because after they gave me IV labetelol my pressures always came down to normal. I wondered if they couldn't then just put off delivery or if there was more to it than that.

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