I'm hopeless

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Re : I'm hopeless

Postby cindyh27 » Thu Jun 04, 637992 2:35 am


I’m so sorry to hear that you are experiencing so many problems so early. That must be very scary not knowing what’s going on. I’m glad to hear they are taking things seriously with you and monitoring you closely.

Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and your little baby (girl maybe? Girls are so much fun, I love my three so much!)


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Re : I'm hopeless

Postby msellers » Wed Jun 03, 637992 12:18 am

Im keeping you in my prayers, stay positive. We know this is terribly hard to face sometimes, but continue to focus on your five miracles and know that it can and will happen for you again. Get as much rest as you can, and take care of yourself. I understand about how the doctors treat us sometimes, I had an incident today when my protein came back at 525. But like one of the moderators told me we can't be afraid to advocate for ourselves, no matter how paranoid we may seem. This is our health and we deserve to be treated with fairness and proper time and care, not as overly paranoid crazy women. Hugs Rebecca, I have faith that you and the baby will be just fine.

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Re : I'm hopeless

Postby hhbeachgurl » Tue Jun 02, 637992 8:12 pm

I just wanted to send hugs

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Re : I'm hopeless

Postby cmt » Sun May 24, 637992 9:42 pm

You are absolutely amazing. My husband is a stay at home dad and he says he wants a litter of kids. I'm only on number 2 and have had no experience close to what you seem to have had and I'm terrified of being pregnant again. Somehow you manage to push forward. My step mom is already telling us not to have anymore kids and I haven't even had this one yet. I'll have to tell her that I'm doing very well and it can be done.
I wish you the best of luck and will keep you and your girl ? in my thoughts. Keep me posted and make sure that doctor treats you right.

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I'm hopeless

Postby mommyboo » Sun May 24, 637992 8:53 pm

I went to the peri again today. My BP's were 165/115, then checking the other arm a few minutes later 156/115 than after laying down for 30min and with a manual cuff 148/90

I'm spilling 3+ protein, have had a headache for 3 days that Tylenol doesn't touch and the nurse said I have 1+ pitting edema although I didn't notice it before. Too early to be PE so they are saying it's just all my pre-existing conditions. My labs also came back with my platelets being lower than they were before but still in the normal range. My peri seems to think I am anemic but is waiting to start me on iron. I'm just supposed to make sure my prenatals have iron in them for now. Last week he said he'd be starting me on meds this week so I asked him about it and he said "ok but I'm going to start you on the lowest dose". I don't know why. I don't know why he didn't even mention it. He was ready to just send me home.

They were having a little pow-wow about me in the hall before he came in. I have no idea what about except maybe the fact that they don't know what to do at this point. I don't think they are planning on me getting too far in this pregnancy.

They did try and measure the baby and changed my due date from the 15th to the 11th. The placenta is right in front so they couldn't see much plus the baby is so low in my pelvis that they were trying to do the ultrasound over my pubic bone. No wonder I have to pee all the time. They also got a glimpse and think it's a girl. The ultrasound says Girl ? so I guess that means they weren't sure.

I go back in a week. It's just too early for all this and I have no idea what is wrong with me. The Dr. said something about doing a vessel study and an EKG since my heart rate is always racing. We'll see if he remembers that next week.

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