Anemic and pregnancy

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Re : Anemic and pregnancy

Postby caryn » Wed Sep 14, 637994 5:47 am

Some of the conditions that mimic preeclampsia/HELLP go along with anemia and thrombocytopenia, but allow pregnancy to be continued for a while (with robust medical help, like routine plasma exchange.)

The only thing I recall about anemia and preeclampsia is that iron concentrations tend to drop as blood volume expands, so it might be a good sign, from a PE standpoint, because it'd be an indicator that your blood volume was actually expanding.

I'm glad you've got really good care you trust.

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Re : Anemic and pregnancy

Postby lisainnj » Tue Jun 16, 637992 2:39 am

Anemia is a defieciency of red blood cells or hemoglobin - you will feel weak and tired, but it is fairly common in pregnancy - that's why iron is part of pre-natal tablets.

Platelets are part of blood that helps in clotting, and low levels mean you will bleed longer and bruise more readily.

So, anemia does not mean HELLP. A little to ease your mind.

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Re : Anemic and pregnancy

Postby heather100 » Mon Jun 15, 637992 11:16 pm

I was anemic with Paige and it's pretty common in pregnancy to get anemic. I've read that up to 80% of women are at least a bit anemic towards the end of pregnancy.

I never thought about the pre-e connection since it's common, but I guess anything is possible!!

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Re : Anemic and pregnancy

Postby alaskamommy » Mon Jun 15, 637992 9:43 pm

I was anemic too - never was before, to my knowledge. I never suspected a PE link until last week when I was researching postpartum PE, and Googled up some very science-y, pub-med type articles that mentioned anemia as an indicator for docs to watch for possible PE. Sorry, my brain stops working and my eyes glaze over at anything over 5 syllables, so I don't remember exactly what they said or what they were from, but I betcha Caryn knows all about it. =D

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Anemic and pregnancy

Postby mommyboo » Sun Jun 14, 637992 12:20 pm

I don't know if this has anything to do with pre-e but my Dr. thinks I may be anemic. I was after I had my dd 2 years ago due to blood loss but after about 6 months of iron (yuck!) they proclaimed me cured :)

Now it's back and next week I'll probably start on extra iron. Does it have anything to do with pre-e or HELLP? I know they watch for dropping platelets which I already have but does being anemic have anything to do with it or is that the same thing?

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