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Re : Summer

Postby alaskamommy » Sun Dec 07, 637997 10:43 pm

Summer, Summer, Summer ... my goodness girl, I don't know whether to laugh or cry for you as I'm catching up on your posts here. What, I'm gone for a week and come back here and things have gone all nutty! LOL

Summer, I can totally relate to how you're feeling. When they told me they'd stick to my original due date I felt the same way: "stick a fork in me baby, cuz I'm DONE!" LOL But I'm glad to hear you're doing the big-girl-panty thing (ROFLMBO!) and hanging in there (or out there? =D )

Man I missed you guys. =D

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Re : Summer

Postby onesock » Fri Nov 28, 637997 8:16 am

Just popping by to check on you Summer and see how things went today. You are lucky I don't have your phone number...;) You aren't painting are you???

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Re : Summer

Postby ndefendini » Fri Nov 28, 637997 7:20 am

I can image your frustration.... I had to lay in bed for 5 weeks (on my leftside)before my Dr would deliver my Isabella. That was painful, but she was a good size 7lbs. The only time I was about was for Dr's visits or sono's

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Re : Summer

Postby summerw77 » Fri Nov 28, 637997 4:37 am

I lived in Evergreen once when I was in high school! My sister lived there for many years before she passed away, and her husband is still there, owns a landscaping company. I can't imagine why you'd ever leave there, it is gorgeous.

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Re : Summer

Postby mada » Thu Nov 27, 637997 10:59 pm

I didn't realize you were in Co. springs!! I moved form Evergreen back to chocago a few years ago....still asking myself why everyday!! Anyway, shoot me an email...just wondering who your peri is and where you are delivering.

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Re : Summer

Postby staceynw » Thu Nov 27, 637997 9:12 pm

OMGosh Summer . .. I've been following your furstrations and I completely understand. Regarding it being worth it . . . I was hospitalized for 4 weeks prior to my daughter's birth and I don't know if anyone on here besides Kara (AveryAnnsMom)remembers how much I whined and complained about it. Everyone kept saying "oh, it is so worth it after you hold that little one in your arms" . . .and never having had a baby I'm like "Yeah, right, whatever!!!" in the back of my mind, but OMG, I was SOOOO wrong. . . it was SO worth it. The whole time I was poked and prodded in the hosptial I kept saying I'll NEVER do this again . . . Uh huh, and guess who's pregnant again, just 6 months after the whole ordeal. . . . And in all honesty, that 4 weeks in the hospital on bedrest and the one week post C-section seems like just a little blip on the radar now. I can't wait til you have this baby!!! Now, with all that said. . . you can darn well bet I'll be whinning on here as soon as I'm on bedrest again.

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Re : Summer

Postby jenanderson » Thu Nov 27, 637997 8:27 pm

Summer I'm so glad to hear your going to that NST. I had the same deal with my 1st, they kept sending me home even with high pressures, protein, swelling so bad it hurt to walk( in my knees!), a headached so bad I was crying, and When I did open my eyes I couldn't see straight. But, she was fine, until halloween when all the sudden after a perfect nst the day before she failed too. That's when I finally got delivered. Trust me I wanted to shoot someone and at that point it wouldn't matter who. However the nurse at L&D who said "well you've been here several times, and will probably be here several more before you deliver" was at the top of that list the day before I had her. I was lucky, other than an emergency c-section due to her distress things went well and had no nicu time at all. I won't even tell you the horrors of recovering from a section and PE and a newborn, however, you'll forget all of it within a short time. Please keep us posted!

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Re : Summer

Postby summerw77 » Thu Nov 27, 637997 6:34 pm

I really hope you guys are right about it being worth it, obviously having never had one, I don't believe you yet. =) =) But I keep laying here thinking surely it must be if people are willing to do this more than once. I will comply with my dr's orders, I know I don't want a sick baby, even if for my own selfish reasons right now like wanting to go back and run my business (which is so busy and my mom is working 60+ hours a week to run for me while I lay here on my butt doing nothing). I think the guilt of that too has me all irritated, and just building this house and not even having winter clothes unpacked and it's snowing lol. I know though all little things compared to having a sick baby I am just being selfish really. It's kinda hard not to be fully self absorbed and live in your pity party when you literally have laid around so long you can't think of anyone or anything but yourself lol. If I didn't have this board to come on right now, I'd be stuck here all day with nobody to talk to lol as everyone else is busy. SO GREATFUL to have others here to keep me sort of somewhat (though questionable if I will stay) SANE.

THANX GUYS! Im sure the NST will be a perfect ten as always but we'll go see anyways!

And can I just say how badly I want a darn philly roll. I told my husband don't even bother coming to the delivery room if you don't bring me some SUSHI!

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Re : Summer

Postby missgamecock » Thu Nov 27, 637997 5:54 pm

GOOD GIRL!!! Like others have said yes, your baby even at 36 weeks can still have issues from being born early. My daughter Kirsten was 36 weeks on the nose and still has some issues to this day that I am convinced were because she was early. Are they life and death issues, well no. But they are issues still the same that we have to deal with. Same with my 2 1/2 year old. Each day is so important. Like others have said I thought my ob had lost his mind! After Sara was born, he told me, you have no idea how worried I was about you! I had no clue. I seriously thought he was just trying to torture me at some point. It is awful leaving your baby. I was pretty much hysterical when Sara was readmitted for jaundice and weight loss. However, the goal is a healthy baby and a healthy momma. I was convinced I was NEVER EVER going through that again. Even told my dh in front of my ob when Sara was born if he wanted a boy he better be hiring a surrogate. What I found was that it was everyone else that didn't want me to have more and I really did. Drs, nurses, friends, and family tell me you would do it again. Everything you went through. I tell them absolutely. The pain and stress are only a total of about 35 weeks for me. What is that compared to a lifetime.

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Re : Summer

Postby kara » Thu Nov 27, 637997 5:10 pm

Hey Summer,

Why don't you ask your peri about monitoring you in hospital for the next 10 days or so? You wouldn't have to get out of bed or travel for the NST. You would be watched like a hawk, so maybe that would ease your worries, and they'd also catch those really high bp's and record them. Hospital bedrest is even less fun then home bedrest...but you'd feel safer. They will check on you every 4 hours (or however often their rounds are). They may say no, but it could be worth asking.

And many of us come on the boards within weeks and months wondering about having another baby! It's true! :-) Not that it'll be true for you, but it's best not to make life altering decisions during a traumatic time.:-) It took me about 18 months to decide I wanted another one...and that's because we've had a lot of preemie complications.

I'm so happy to hear you are going to your NST. I think I may have told you before, but I was one of those delivered for "fetal distress". In a matter of two weeks time (with no warning) my baby stopped growing and was declining very rapidly even though I had only the faintest warning that PE could be on the horizon. Once I got hospitalized my 180/120's went down to a nice 120/74, but my daughter was in major distress...and that's why I delivered. I fought with Peri about induction at 31 weeks because my pressures returned to normal. My peri agreed we could wait a little longer (I already had clonus) ONLY if the BPP on baby was ok. Had they not done that BPP, I may have delivered a stillborn baby. So monitoring is super important, especially with your anterior placenta, and not being able to always feel baby 100% of the time.

Like Fiona said, there is no one number or value that is going to get you delivered, it's the "dance" at the very end that is so uber frustrating, but is done in the best interest of both you and baby.

They do push your limits for your baby's sake. And as someone who had a 2.5 lb baby and spent a lot of time in NICU, you don't want to go there, if you can help it. Staying away from the nicu is in your best interest as well as baby's. It's a scary place. There are even a handful of 37 weekers who don't pass their lung amnio the first yes, up until then even, there can be problems for baby. Ventilators can cause brain bleeds, eye bleeds, vision problems, lots of problems. And of course there are a host of other preemie complications that can occur. It sounds like you are in good hands with your peri and your OB...even if they changed their minds about delivering you.

Please let us know how your appointment went!

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