Kade's birth story

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Re : Kade's birth story

Postby mnmom » Sat Jul 04, 637998 7:26 pm

Summer, he really is a cutie. So alert. Please continue to take care of yourself, and take each day as it comes! I am really surprised that they had you make the decision about the tubal at the time of surgery. I had to have mine blessed by the pope and all powers above(catholic hospital) and I was 39 with four kids!!

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Re : Kade's birth story

Postby trish5 » Sat Jul 04, 637998 2:22 pm

He's such a cutie! I'm glad you both made it through it. Take some time to get some sleep in the hospital while you can! let those nurses take care of you and the baby for a day or two while they are there.

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Re : Kade's birth story

Postby aundapenner » Sat Jul 04, 637998 2:10 pm


He is beautiful!!! If I lived closer, I'd want to be holding him all day too!!! (But of course I'd wait about a month until things settle down ...)

We also had a hard time with our 2 doggies when we brought Henry home. Mischka (our boy) is our pee-boy. He still gets jealous, in spite of what we do. Maggie (our girl) is a total nut job. When we brought Henry home, he was sound asleep in his carseat. We placed him on the floor. Mischka went over, sniffed him and walked away. Maggie walked over and didn't notice him until he moved just slightly -- then she realized there was something in that seat and started barking at him!!!

Now, Henry loves to chase Mischka in his toy boppy car and Maggie just got done licking his feet. (He also loves feeding the dogs - they're like sharks around the high chair.)

I am so saddened to hear that you didn't have a positive birth experience. I remember going into my section, all calm and cool (as calm and cool as I ever am - which is not much) realizing that I didn't say I love you to my husband. Then I started freaking out in my mind. All the nurses and doctors were talking so casually and I was thinking HELLO!!! I'm here and about to become a mom and hoping things go okay and worried to death that I may die or my son might die or just anything ... can ya stop talking NOW?!?!?

I didn't say anything.

The spinal sucked. And the surgery scared me horribly. I had a curtain like you. They didn't tell me what was going on. And the oxygen ... ugh. I was shaky and felt yucky.

I'm so so sorry that you have all the emotions (negative) that you do. But keep looking in that gorgeous son's face and remember why you did everything - for him!!!

And trust me when I tell you that while the memories don't go away, the pain does. I can speak now about my delivery without anger and hurt. And I have such a great son to remind me everyday of just how worth it everything (including the bedrest) was.

Sending hugs and kisses,

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Re : Kade's birth story

Postby kezt777 » Sat Jul 04, 637998 2:47 am

im sorry you had such a crazy awful time with delivery and afterwards, but you took home the best prize EVER. he is so sweet :) :) dont worry about daddy, he is doing what he wants which is helping you and being with his little boy :)

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Re : Kade's birth story

Postby laura » Sat Jul 04, 637998 12:51 am

Ahh, you're in baby love! I am so glad to hear that, hon! I'm sorry things got squirrelly after delivery, that happens sometimes and you feel hit by a mack truck because you have the surgery AND the sick to get over. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it passes quickly- I've been EXACTLY there, but it'll pass. Then you can enjoy that lovely boy of yours. He looks like a little man already and he is gorgeous.

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Re : Kade's birth story

Postby kara » Thu Jun 25, 637998 3:31 am

He is freaking ADORABLE! What a sweet little skinny guy! Are they sure he was a week earlier, or was he SGA or IUGR from the pressures? My kiddoo had stunted growth (IUGR) and was over over 1.5lbs smaller than they expected her to be at her gestation ...due to restricted blood flow and all. Not that it matters....he's here and healthy, and momma made it through..albeit a crazy birth story. Congrats Summer! He is so beautiful! Take care of yourself and thank daddy for taking care of both you so well!

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Re : Kade's birth story

Postby heather j » Thu Jun 25, 637998 3:00 am

Summer! Wow, you had a whopper of a delivery, no? And what was that sheet contraption covering you in your section photo? I would've been scared out of mind, too, I think. I had a curtain up, but it was only a couple feet high and down at my waist. I'm sure a surgery after a horrendous labor just made it all the more scary. We told you that you'd be head over heels in love with that little stinker once you saw him! See? And who wouldn't? He is just beautiful. Your DH sounds like mine; he covered all the nights with Nicolas - I couldn't have done it without him. Sounds like you have two wonderful boys in your life now, mama. Get some rest, we need you back here in fighting form [;)]! Congratulations on your gorgeous little man, Summer.

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Kade's birth story

Postby summerw77 » Thu Jun 25, 637998 2:21 am

Okay finally I am here to type our birth story! It was Monday morning when I went in for my lung amnio, 8am, I had slept 4 hours the night be4 with excitement, lungs were mature, and they said come in at 8pmave for induction, I did and they couldn't get me a bed til 11pm. They started the cytotec at midnight monday night, gave me an ambien, I slept 1 and a half hours and was up all night. Pitocin started at 10am and epidural at noon. The contractions were god awful every 2 minutes and measuring 130 on the internal monitor, full force. They put a fully bulb in me at 2pm and filled it w/water, dialated me to a 4, and then broke my water at 4pm. By 8pm I was at a whopping 5cm, took me 3 hours to get 1 cm after the 4 they stretched me to. I started feeling my contractions around 5pm as my epidural fell to my legs, I had to sit up as I had a reaction to the epidural the whole time I couldn't breathe and had horrid anxiety attacks. I thought I was going to die if I laid down, I would also get so lightheaded that I would almsot pass out from laying down. So around 7pm she said I was doing so bad even after IV ativan for anxiety, that she'd cut me open if I wanted, I said I'd wait til 8 and see if I progressed , I stayed at 5. At 7pm she said i still had a 70% chance of vaginal delivery, by 8pm his head was molding to my cervix???? and she siad maybe 50% and at 1cm every 3hours I wasnt up for trying that so we cut. She asked if I wanted my tubes tied since I had talked about it alot at my visits, I had not even really thought about it since, but I said yes. I was all messed up on drugs, IV phentergon and epidurals, ativan and in my mind this was the only way she was going to cut me open and make all the labor end. This was not at all the case and I know that, she just was asking since I was opened up if I'd still want that and I said yes. The first few days after I was so depressed about it, but I know it was best for my health. Just came so quickly I am having a hard time dealing with it. After the section Tuesday night at 8:45 I couldn't breathe. My nurse had worked 5 hours late, from 7am to midnight just so she coudl stay in surgery/post op w/me, she really liked us. When my epidural was working good and Iw as sitting up we were cracking her up all day so she wanted to stay with us. She was amazing. I took her a really nice bottle of wine lol, she talked me thru the section. I remember them giving me the spinal adn I felt like I was going to die. I couldn't breathe, couldn't move, and was terrified. Nobody can explain a section to you until you have been in one. It is scary as *. After my 2 hours of post op I was put in a room, hubby spent the night again, and my friend stayed. We had the air all the way down, it's winter in Colorado, and she had to rub ice on me all night long, and scratch me. The drugs did not agree w/me. I couldn't sleep as after 3 days of no sleep everytime I'd start to drift I felt like I was dying and it woke me up in panic attacks. I did get to sleep 1 horu that night when my friend was rubbing me back. The next day was awful. I itched and itched and itched. I was exhausted, cried, and couldn't sit up above 25% or I'd pass out. My bp's were so so low from the epidural like 80/40 most of the time sometimes 50's and I could feel it. It was tht low thru all of my labor too.......................so I felt pretty bad. After surgery , my cathedar showed coca cola urine and like no output. Oh I left out the part about when I first got to the hospital 3 RN's couldnt get an IV in me and ended up having to call an anisthesiologist to put it in, and my right hand still hurts as they stuck a cathedar in what im assuming was a nerve as my whole hadn is on fire still. So the nurse after surgery was giving me bolio's???? and pumping all this fluidinto my face and ankles, nothing into the bag, and they were saying i'd be staying at least a week. I had a breakdown my last night when they gave me all these drugs to sleep, i said please i've had 11 hours of sleep in 6 days and haventeven been allowed to hold my son please keep him in the nursery so i can sleep 2nite and they drug me up and sure enough wake me up hour nad a half later to bottle feed. Iballed and cried and got the charge nurse and demanded I be released. She took baby and I slept for 3 hours til my dr got there, and I demanded we be released, as I had to sleep. I was at the edge of a breakdown from no sleep and I am nto one to wake up and go back to sleep. I was trying to recover from major surgery and not sleeping one tiny bit. SO they let me out with daily checkbacks on labs which were not great and now I think it's better my swelling is going down I was SO swollen after delivery OMG. Tey said I had post partum preeclampsia (duh I think we already knew I had that lol w/my 24 hour protiens) but it was clearly much worse after delivery. My bp's were low for 3 days now I am back up to 200 mg TID and they are staying at 150/95 on the drugs. I'm no doing horrible but not well.
Now the good part. I am so in love with my son I can't even explain it. HE is the love of my life. I care about nothing else. I never thought I coudl love someone so much. It's really wierd. He is so gorgeous and such a good baby, except 2nite he is really fussy. Of my 2 house dogs, one loves him and one is jealous, he peed on my bed 2day GRRRRRRRRR and peed in babies room, we have appt with trainer tomorrow coming to house ( a friend).
Kade was 36 weeks not 37 they determined when he was born and was 5 lbs 10 oz. He is 19 1/4" long. He has jaundice but not bad enough to treat, around 13, needs to be 16 to treat so we are clear for that. Everything else is perfect. Daddy loves him so much, he does all night shifts while I recover from surgery and all those days of no sleep becuz he knows I need the sleep. He is also working. It's not really fair to him, he also spent every night in the hospital with us. He is the best daddy ever. WE fight over who gets to feed and hold him all evening. We have had so much family it is overwhelming and I want a day home alone wiht my son. I don'twant him to grow up iI love him as a newborn. I so badly want more I am so sad I made such a final decision, but I want to be here to raise my son and my bp's were reaching really dangerous levels., and my peri said that typically with chronics she sees their 2nd pregnancies go worse than the first. She thought we had a wonderful outcome for how bad my pressures were. Anyways here are some pics. I don't know what else to day except I am goingto get some sleep! IF Im not around much fora bit know that I have so much company, average of 3 or 4 people a day and have had no time to get online. I will be back soon lol. Promise! HEre's the pics ..........
http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e56/a ... ade1-1.jpg
http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e56/a ... ade039.jpg
http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e56/a ... /kade2.jpg
http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e56/a ... /Kade1.jpg
http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e56/a ... ade004.jpg
http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e56/a ... ade006.jpg
[IMG]http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e56/a ... ade1-1.jpg[/IMG]

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