Feeling weird..

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Re : Feeling weird..

Postby trish5 » Tue Jan 16, 638001 9:02 am

Id at the very least call the dr

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Re : Feeling weird..

Postby trish » Tue Jan 16, 638001 9:00 am

I'd go in with high BP and facial swelling like that.

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Re : Feeling weird..

Postby mistym03 » Tue Jan 16, 638001 8:33 am

jamie I would go in to be honest better safe than sorry I go in and trust me leave feeling like an idiot everytime [:D] but I always feel better about me and the baby and that is what matters that first bp is pretty high and the swelling seems pretty bad to maybe rest a little longer and see if your swelling and bp goes down then go in but dont feel silly it is their job [:D] take care and let us know how your doing

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Feeling weird..

Postby mommyjj » Tue Jan 16, 638001 8:17 am

Hello everyone I have not posted anything in a while because I have been feeling pretty good... until this morning!! I woke up and feel like I have the flu.. very dizzy,my fingers are so big I am having trouble typing this, and my face looks like I had an allergic reaction my eyelids are huge! I dont have a headache, no vision stuff, and the baby is moving great... I took my bp sitting it was 167/106 then i took it after laying on my left side and it went down to 137/90.. I have an appt on monday 1st thing in the morning should I wait and see if rest today and tomorrow help or go in now? I really dont want to go in to L&D because I feel like I have been to see my ob for every little thing and if I go in and everything(urine,bloodwork,etc) look good I am going to feel like an idiot again!!

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