Totally Freaking Out

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Re : Totally Freaking Out

Postby mommyboo » Sat May 15, 638286 3:02 pm

"Have any of you found yourselves "unexpectedly" expecting after a really bad PE/E/HELLP experience"

See sig below :)
No matter how big of a surprise, you need a big CONGRATULATIONS!
Because of everything that went wrong with my 5th baby, I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant until I was almost 4 months along. WHen I did tell them, the first thing out of my mouth was "if you can't be supportive, then just don't say anything at all". My mom just kept her mouth shut but eventually came around. I was also on meds that cause birth defects and had uncontrolled blood sugars.

We've been through a long journey but Ivy is doing well and should be coming home in the next month or so. I was embarrassed to be going back to my peri but they took good care of me and I'm glad they were on top of things. Get good care and hang on for the ride. I hope you have a boring, non eventful 9 ... err... 8 months ahead of you

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Re : Totally Freaking Out

Postby klynnkopaczrn » Tue May 04, 638286 6:41 am

Hi Kelly,
Just wanted to add, that if you think that you are roughly around 5 weeks or so, I think, that the baby will be fine with the radiation. I was so worried after everything that had gone on with my health, that when I had my U/S and they couldn't get a glance at the baby's toes, I panicked. we have since learned that he does have toes!
Congrats again and Good Luck.
I'll see you on pregnant again!

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Re : Totally Freaking Out

Postby frasiah » Tue May 04, 638286 5:22 am


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jamie w
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Re : Totally Freaking Out

Postby jamie w » Sat Apr 10, 638286 5:36 pm

Congratulations! I can understand being nervous- I don't know how I would tell anybody. I am so happy for you though and I think that every baby comes from above and this one is no exception. I wish you a wonderful, healthy, problem-free pregnancy!!!!!!

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Re : Totally Freaking Out

Postby paige_va » Sat Apr 10, 638286 5:00 pm

Wow!!! What amazing news! Of course a baby is always a blessing, and this one is soooo lucky to have such strong and brave mommy fighting for him/her. You're one in a million. Praying for you.

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heather j
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Re : Totally Freaking Out

Postby heather j » Tue Mar 30, 638286 1:40 pm

Congratulations, Kelly! Any idea how your results from your testing (underlying disorders, etc) will play out at this point? Head on over to Pregnant Again; you'll be in good company!

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Re : Totally Freaking Out

Postby rebecca » Tue Mar 30, 638286 8:46 am

Wow - I'm in the same boat. We had PE/IUGR on the first pregnancy; the second was HELLP and much, much worse. Peris wanted to tie my one pathetic remaining tube left during my emergency c-section. I declined (thinking I was in no state to make such a decision), but we were very careful. Lo and behold, after thinking I was having a really long cycle, my sister made me take a pregnancy test and it was positive!!! Keep in mind, my HELLP baby is only 7 months old. This comes as an utter shock.

We told my parents fairly quickly, as they've been down this PE/HELLP road with us this whole time. My mom was excited, my conservative, religous father was terrified and actually suggested that I should consider terminating!! My DH's mom was also not excited.

I'm terrified; I wasn't taking vitamins, was taking prescription meds, etc. We don't know how this is going to end. An ultrasound a week ago failed to show a heartbeat, when it should have. Another three days later showed a heartbeat, but slower than it should be. I finally broke down and made an appoint with our peri group -- although I'll be so embarrassed to face them after losing it with them in the hospital last time -- to talk this through and get another u/s.

I am definitely excited for another baby, but the chances of miscarriage are probably pretty high. But I know how you feel, and will be excited to keep tabs on your little unexpected bundle!!

kelly w
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Re : Totally Freaking Out

Postby kelly w » Tue Mar 30, 638286 6:00 am

THANK YOU all - for the support and for actually congratulating me. [:D]

Kerri - thanks for sharing your experience with your baby being fine after having tons of radiation and medical stuff too. I've been researching a bit more [of course LOL!] since I found out, and I think, based on ovulation [I know exactly WHEN because we were being so terribly careful...geez!] that the baby only got the equivalent of a couple of Xrays, the heavy duty IVP and CT scans and such happened before that... hopefully that is good news. I am so glad your baby is doing well and you definitely gave me hope! Thank you!

I am doing better today. I was really having pretty much panic attacks all day Wednesday after finding out, but now I am calm. My husband took the news very well and is very excited [I did not expect that, so that helped]. We told the kids so they can be praying for the baby [they know the baby may not make it, we've lost 2 before, but they are praying for baby and kid prayers are SO powerful [:D]].

We told our closest friends, but have decided to not tell any family members until we absolutely have to. [We don't see DH's family very much, so no problem there. My family will be more likely to find out earlier]. I know my mom will worry herself sick once she knows, so I want to wait as long as possible.

I am due Oct 6 based on ovulation, so that makes me 5 weeks on Monday. I started feeling sick to my stomach today with that "unique" morning sickness feel, so I consider that a good sign as far as baby's health LOL!

Thanks again ladies, you guys are AWESOME.


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Re : Totally Freaking Out

Postby ozierja » Mon Mar 29, 638286 1:37 pm

Congratulations...that is so awesome! I hope it goes uneventful!

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Re : Totally Freaking Out

Postby bellemama » Mon Mar 29, 638286 1:35 pm

Kelly, congratulations! Wow, what a surprise.

I was really nervous about telling my family about this pg after the last experience, particularly my mom. I just armed myself with as many facts as I could from the peri about the risks, and also put on a very happy, positive face. I won't lie, the entire pg was nerve wracking and somewhat terrifying, but I did feel better knowing I was being closely monitored and that *I* knew how to be a better advocate for myself.

Best wishes!!!!

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