Uric acid versus 24 hour urine?

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Re : Uric acid versus 24 hour urine?

Postby caryn » Sun Nov 28, 638286 1:53 am

Heather, I think there's some new work into uric acid as a marker; maybe her OB is using that instead? Our Experts don't agree, though.

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Re : Uric acid versus 24 hour urine?

Postby sonja » Sat Nov 27, 638286 7:37 pm

Heather, I had a different experience from Val. My OB induced me at 37.5 weeks for a bp reading of 140/90 (sudden onset). It would be hard to read the situation though, do you happen to know what her bp's were before? Can you suggest that this women come over here and read through these boards? She may then have a little better idea of what is going on.

That is great that you are working with her!

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Re : Uric acid versus 24 hour urine?

Postby bellemama » Sat Nov 27, 638286 7:15 pm

I'm not an expert, but I found that my OBs still use the dipsticks but will order a 24-hour urine if you show above trace on the dip or if your pressures go up. Personally, I almost always showed neg/trace on dips even if my 24-hour was high. I think a lot of drs. still rely o the dipsticks.

Also, my drs. would have preferred to get me to 39 or 40 weeks, even with my terrible pressures since I "only" had PIH. Many drs. won't do much for just high blood pressure, although I'm not sure why...I think it has to do with which protocols they are following.

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Uric acid versus 24 hour urine?

Postby heather100 » Sat Nov 27, 638286 5:08 pm

Hey gals. I girl on my pregnancy board is having high BP (multiple readings of about 140/90). Her doctor ran bloodwork and said her uric acid level is high (6.1) so she has preeclampsia. They have never even mentioned doing a 24 hour urine and are saying her dips are negative for protein. Everything I've read says, "the serum uric acid level once was used as an indicator of preeclampsia but has been found to lack sensitivity and specificity as a diagnostic tool." And therefore a 24 hour urine is the only way to truely diagnose pre-e. Is this still true?

Also, they told her that since she's "only" 38 weeks, they would not induce her until 39 or 40 weeks. That also seems strange to me. I've NEVER heard of them letting someone with pre-e (or someone they are saying has pre-e) go to 39/40 weeks.

Thanks in advance. You girls would be AMAZED at the number of women on my pregnancy board that either have pre-e now, or are on bedrest to prevent it because they are trending towards it. It's like 5 women out of 30. That's a TON to me. Just goes to show you how much more common it is than many people think.

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