waiting for +2 urine dip before2 4 hour test

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Re : waiting for +2 urine dip before2 4 hour test

Postby bookworm » Tue Dec 21, 638286 11:08 am

I too agree that it would be good to request a 24 hr. My urine dipped clean (not even trace) at a Friday morning appointment; was sent home to start a 24 hr urine anyway; it came back at 750 mg. If you are well hydrated, the urine dip will read falsely low.

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Re : waiting for +2 urine dip before2 4 hour test

Postby trish » Tue Dec 21, 638286 10:22 am

>>>I think with a pre-e history, +1 would definitely warrant a 24 hour urine.

You'd think!! Even with my history of PE, with CHT & rising BP's during pregnancy, terrible headaches that didn't respond to Tylenol and dipping +1 my OB never ordered a 24 hour. I don't know why. She ordered me to L&D, put me on bedrest, did extras labs for blood work, did NST's and BPP's & eventually induced at 36 weeks for PE but apparently didn't think a 24 hour was ever warranted. Oh brother!

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Re : waiting for +2 urine dip before2 4 hour test

Postby laura » Sun Nov 28, 638286 4:56 am

And most of our docs here don't even recommend using the dips because they often give such an inaccurate view of the big picture. You can always say- you know, I'd really feel more comfortable with a total protein count.

If they still decline, you can say- I'd like you to note in my chart that I requested that test and you've declined- and then insist they do it while you watch.

It isn't an expensive test and easily obtained. There's no reason NOT to do the more accurate test. Let us know how it goes!

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Re : waiting for +2 urine dip before2 4 hour test

Postby caryn » Sun Nov 28, 638286 3:34 am

I agree; I'd ask for a 24-hour with trace. Like you I progressed very rapidly, from trace to +++++ in a week; it's not something I'd want to leave for a month.

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Re : waiting for +2 urine dip before2 4 hour test

Postby hhbeachgurl » Sun Nov 28, 638286 1:15 am

My doc did a 24 hour even when I did no have a trace of protein because of my symptoms and it was above diagnostic criteria. Even in the midst of severe PE I never dipped more than a trace, but it would definitly show up in my 24 hour. In my next pregnancy now that I have a PE history, I would not be comfortable waiting till I show on the dipstick for a 24 hour.
Can you ask for one, and if he refuses, have him note in your chart that you asked for a 24 hour and that he refused. Usually that gets them to do something. Are seeing a Peri or high risk OB? I would think with a history of sudden onset eclampsia they would wnt to monitor you very closely.

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Re : waiting for +2 urine dip before2 4 hour test

Postby heather100 » Sun Nov 28, 638286 1:09 am

I wouldn't want to wait until +2 to do a 24. I told my OB I'd request one if I even had trace. I think with a pre-e history, +1 would definitely warrant a 24 hour urine. After all, it can't hurt, right?!

I don't *think* being induced early makes you at risk for pre-term labor but not sure on that. I know I was induced at 35 weeks but it failed and I'm still kicking along here at 37 weeks with NO signs of labor anytime soon.

At the u/s, they may also check the doppler artery flow and baby's overall size to make sure enough blood/nutrients is getting to baby.

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waiting for +2 urine dip before2 4 hour test

Postby a&amama » Sun Nov 28, 638286 1:03 am

Is that common? My Ob says generally, he waits until a reading of +2 do to a 24 hour test.

I went in a bit ago with some pain, and had trace, at 24 wks. At my appt on Tuesday, it was +1. My blood pressure is always fine. Im worried about it coming on rapidly. I know it does, but last time I went from being fine (no protien, no high bp)on a Tuesday to having sizures and being completely unconscious by Thursday.

Anyway, he says he waits until a dip of +2 usually. He also wrote me off work because of possible pre-term labour? I was induced last time 2 months early, so I ddnt really go into pre-term labour. Is there a possibility that my body may go early on its own this time BECAUSE of being induced early last time? He's also sending me for another u/s to check cervical length. Will the Doctor check anything else, generally becuause of a past pe prenancy?

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