Alden McIver is here!!

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Re : Alden McIver is here!!

Postby patty » Sun Sep 01, 638289 4:07 am

Congrats on the safe birth of Alden. Neat name.

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Re : Alden McIver is here!!

Postby onesock » Sun Sep 01, 638289 4:01 am

Congratulations :)

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Re : Alden McIver is here!!

Postby celticepona » Sun Sep 01, 638289 1:59 am

Congratulations and glad they were able to induce you. :)Glad to hear you are both safe.

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Re : Alden McIver is here!!

Postby hhbeachgurl » Sun Sep 01, 638289 1:50 am

Congrats!!! Welcome little Alden

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Re : Alden McIver is here!!

Postby alviarin » Sat Aug 31, 638289 10:07 pm

Congratulations! Sorry you weren't able to avoid mag, but glad to hear you are both safe and sound!

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Re : Alden McIver is here!!

Postby fiona » Sat Aug 31, 638289 10:04 pm

Many congratulations, Cassandra. I'm glad you are both home safe and sound. E-kisses to Alden.

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Alden McIver is here!!

Postby csprenger » Sat Aug 31, 638289 9:51 pm

Hi everyone,
Alden McIver was born on 3/6/08. My doctor was concerned with the results of my 24 hour urine (435) and my labile blood pressures so in consultation with the peri and considering gestation (37 weeks exactly)they decided to deliver. I was FINE with that as all I wanted was to have him born safe and happy before anything went wrong. He weighed 5 lbs 9 oz at birth and screamed like a champ! I ended up on mag sulfate anyway as my BPs spiked after delivery. Higher than they'd been my whole pregnancy. I felt pretty nauseaus also. I came home on labetolol (sp?) but otherwise I feel great and am recovering my c-section. This birth experience was like night and day from when I delivered my first son. (You can see cute pix at!) Thanks to everyone for your support and good luck to all the pregnant and hoping to be pregnant moms!

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