Mag Sulfate question

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Re : Mag Sulfate question

Postby mommyboo » Thu Oct 03, 638289 1:44 pm

I just have to add my experience.
They always gave me a "bolus" first. That first hit made me so hot they had to bring fans in, later I got cold though. Everything was fuzzy. I remember the Dr. coming in trying to talk to me and I could hear him and understood him but couldn't respond. My DH says I was acting drunk. After the baby came, the nurses were upset that I didn't eat breakfast but I couldn't even explain that I couldn't stay awake. This last time, I knew what it was and begged my Dr. to take me off it. He at least decreased it so I could at least stay awake long enough to eat. I hate the stuff with a passion. Been on it 8 times now.

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Re : Mag Sulfate question

Postby marthap » Sun Sep 22, 638289 7:25 pm

Yuck - I shake at the thought of it. It was the worst! I keep telling my doctor that if, in fact, I develop PE again with this pregnancy - no magnesium sulfate!! I was so sick and out of it that I didn't get to see my daughter for 48 hours after she was born. I know it does great things (and it probabaly saved me from a stroke)but it really is just awful. I really wouldn't refuse to have it again but I like telling myself I would! When I got the bollus I truly thought someone made a terrible mistake and my internal organs were burning! I think Jenn is right - a new forum for "MAG SURVIVORS"!! As rotten and awful as it is - it is all worth it in the end!

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Re : Mag Sulfate question

Postby mommacane » Sun Sep 22, 638289 6:57 pm

i felt like i was on every combination of drugs known to man.
i was dizzy and hot.
and to top it off, it didnt lower my blood pressure.

only the epidural did.

and the next day on my way to the nursery, the bag popped off the iv pole and splashed me in the face.
it was the wierdest smelling stuff ever. and i had to be "sanitized" before i could go back to see my son.

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Re : Mag Sulfate question

Postby biogal » Sat Sep 21, 638289 7:03 pm

I was on mag for 6 days prior to delivery and a couple of days following delivery. Initially when they put me on the mag I felt a huge hot wave come over me and literally thought I was going to burn up--really bizarre feeling! After that subsided my face continued to feel hot and my face was bright red like a lobster and puffy looking! My body felt really weak ... when I'd stand up to go to the bathroom it felt as though my legs were full of lead. I also remember feeling somewhat relaxed and a little disoriented on it.

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Re : Mag Sulfate question

Postby alviarin » Sat Sep 21, 638289 6:15 pm

The main side effect, for me, was it felt like it was burning when it first started going in the IV. We put ice cubes on my arm and that helped with the localized hot sensation. In general it made me feel warm and flushed.

Honestly I felt so bad before the mag I don't know what (if anything) to attribute to the mag. I already had a bad flu like feeling before they hooked me up. They were concerned about possible pulmonary edema with me but again that could have just been due to the severe PE.

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Re : Mag Sulfate question

Postby celticepona » Thu Sep 12, 638289 6:24 pm

quote:Originally posted by Kelly W

I remember that Mag helped my headaches - I had been having headaches so bad from my high BP that I had been vomiting every single night with them for more than a week. It was the most painful thing I've ever experienced - I felt like someone had literally taken an ax and chopped into my skull along the suture lines - and that headache slowly got better after they started the Mag.

I remember that headache. I had two or three of them. Yes Mag sounds freaky, and I am praying to god that I keep going the way I am going and I never have to experience it, but I have also experienced preeclampsia on the brink of eclampsia with NO meds whatsovever, and I'll think I'd go with the mag this time around!

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Re : Mag Sulfate question

Postby jenanderson » Thu Sep 12, 638289 5:38 pm

The worst part for me was the flu like flushed icky feeling. Even the inside of my mouth felt hot. I also don't have a great memory of what was happening during all of that time, I don't remember my section at all, other than throwing up in the OR all over a DR! My DD was totally fine however, she came out and nursed like a pro, I needed help holding her up to do it though.

The good thing is it's only for a short time. I always tell myself I can do nearly anything for a short time if it's for the best.

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Re : Mag Sulfate question

Postby jenn » Thu Sep 12, 638289 3:15 pm

Had MAG and got the t-shirt! LOL
I was tricked when I got put on mag!
How you say?
The dr. came in and said you have P.E., flight for life is in route, we'll see this baby in three days .... Oh! and I'm starting you on mag ...

AND I QUOTE : "It'll feel like you laid out on the beach all day!!"

Slowly this warm, dry, intense sensation road it's way up my arm and into my chest - well my heart spread "the love" quickly from there - BLAH!
I was on so much I couldn't move a muscle and my memory of those days are sketchy.

I think we should start a new forum just for "MAG SURVIVORS" *wink*

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Re : Mag Sulfate question

Postby bellemama » Thu Sep 12, 638289 3:15 pm

I guess I was one of the lucky ones -- I actually felt better once they put me on the mag, it was the first time in two weeks I didn't have the terrible, awful HELLP pain (although they gave me so many things at the same time, who knows if that was from the mag).

For me, I felt as if I had one of those heavy lead aprons -- you know, the kind you get when you're getting an xray? -- all over my body. I don't think I could have moved out of that bed if my life depended on it. I don't remember feeling hot, but then I don't remember a whole lot from that period....again, not sure if that was the mag, or simply having no platelets...

I'd say, if you need mag, you need it. Be glad that you have it. And be glad you don't have to stay on it!

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Re : Mag Sulfate question

Postby ria » Thu Sep 12, 638289 1:00 pm

Hi Amy,

I'd describe my mag experience like being in the Sahara desert. Poor DH had to get me ice chips and chapstick constantly. Also, the information junkie I was, I asked him to read to me from a book about preemies (blurry vision prevented my own reading it), but that was futile as I couldn't seem to focus on anything. Apparently I asked the neonatologist to come talk with me only 15 minutes after he'd left because I'd forgotten he already was there. I also remember them padding my bed with towels and blankets in-case I had a seizure. I was so out of it and didn't understand and I thanked them for making my bed more cozy.

In exchange for seizures, I'd get the mag again. Actually, my OB has already warned me that it will be probably a part of my delivery experience again (hopefully not for another month or so) the way my BP has been behaving.

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