How many of you saw spots?

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby gmckeon » Mon Oct 27, 638302 7:05 am

I saw spots and I just let it go because I didn't know why. It was just one of the many symptoms I experienced due to PE and ignored. Go to your doctor, it is a symptom of PE and maybe they should monitor you more closely.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby myrnski » Wed Sep 10, 638302 5:40 pm

I saw spots for about 1.5 days before I had a seizure due to high blood pressure, and my daughter had to be born early. I was 32 week the day she was born. I can not tell you enough how important it is for you to get your dr. to listen to you. Please take care of yourself and get it check out thoroughly.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby anthonyleah12 » Sat Aug 30, 638302 1:36 pm

I have seen spots through out this preg. as well . 2 months ago I saw white spots, I told my ob about it and she just dismissed it. Then, when I was at the MFM's the other day she said "if you see spots, or have uqr pain go to the hospital, i told her I had been seeing spots but she didnt seem too concerned then. I already have been dx with mild pe, I also see little wavy lines. I told my husband that it almost felt as if I were on drugs because I have never seen my vision do that before until now. I wonder why my docs didn't seem so concerned???? Maybe I will bring it up again on Tuesday.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby jacobkaden » Fri Aug 29, 638302 11:22 pm

I started to see 4 of DH just before they did an emergency-C. Better safe than sorry!

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby melly » Fri Aug 29, 638302 6:00 pm

My ob told me to call day or night if I saw black spots in my vision. A week before I was dx with PIH I suddenly had blurred vision and floaters but no spots. A follow up appt with my opthalmologist showed that I had retinal detatchment that is healing now. I still see floaters.

I hope you can get some answers too.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby hols537 » Fri Aug 29, 638302 5:36 pm

I agree with the others about pushing more with your doc if you're worried given the potential seriousness of visual disturbances with pre-e. I personally never had the "visual disturbances", but am often plagued by "floaters" (including during this pregnancy). Some info on "floaters"

Keep us posted and good luck getting answers.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby herewegoagain » Fri Aug 29, 638302 4:52 pm

When I had them, it was usually an indication that my BP was high.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby rebeccac » Fri Aug 29, 638302 3:25 pm

How far along are you? Visual diturbances can be a sign of PE and should not be dismissed. Put a call into your Dr. and ask to be checked out.

I never had this problem. When I was in the hospital on bedrest, the nurses kept asking me if I was having them. I kept answering no and I don't think they believed me. I'm not sure how high my BP's were but they must have been through the roof because they wouldn't let the question drop.

I hope you can get some answers.

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Re : How many of you saw spots?

Postby hhbeachgurl » Fri Aug 29, 638302 2:55 pm

Spots were my first symptom at 27 weeks when my bp shot from 90/50 to 135/85 and then 158/98 I had awful visual disturbances that continuouly got worse and at the end my eyes had a large blurry spot, black spots, white spots, flashing lights, and wavy rippled lines, and then they stopped focusing together. I still have trouble focusing together today and my eye doctor said it was caused by the cerebral edema I had. It gut off oxygen to my optical muscle and cause permenant damage. Visual disturbances do not neccessiarly correlate 100% to bp, it is actually a symptom of cerebral edema and that can happen even when bp is not at the highest. HUGS

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How many of you saw spots?

Postby joejula » Fri Aug 29, 638302 2:12 pm

I was just wondering how many of you have seen spots and other visual disturbances while you were pregnant? I know that your vision can change when you are pregnant. Latley, for about month I have been seeing these black spots, lines, and this black mist that seems to come from the bottom of my eye and up when I blink. I told the doctor about it and she didn't seem to concerned with it. She know my bps have been high. So, just wondering if you guys ever experienced this.

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