PE Developing in a Surrogate Pregnancy

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Re : PE Developing in a Surrogate Pregnancy

Postby hhbeachgurl » Fri Jul 07, 638305 7:10 am

I was going to post this question too. My friend offered to be a sarogate for me as she has had 3 wonderful non complicated pregancies and a home birth, but my fear is she could develop PE because my docs said that my husband having chronic hypertension since he was in middle school was probably a factor.

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Re : PE Developing in a Surrogate Pregnancy

Postby csprenger » Thu Jul 06, 638305 6:30 am

I just wanted to respond to your post because my son Beckett also has NF1 (as do I). Beckett was born at 29 weeks because of PE and HELLP syndrome.


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Re : PE Developing in a Surrogate Pregnancy

Postby caryn » Wed Jul 05, 638305 11:16 am

You might also email Quintain; I think she's hired a gestational carrier who is halfway through a subsequent pregnancy.

Here's a link to one of her posts:

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Re : PE Developing in a Surrogate Pregnancy

Postby blythe » Tue Jul 04, 638305 3:37 pm

Cassandra, I think there is some speculation in the research that a man who has fathered a preeclamptic pregnancy is more likely to father another, even with another woman. Here are a bunch of links that relate to that line of thinking...
(especially look for Caryn and Catherine's explanations:) ... r,placenta ... r,placenta ... r,placenta ... r,placenta ... r,placenta

and published research on maternal and paternal contributions to PE:

Here is an old discussion on surrogacy - viewtopic.php?t=10499 - which includes links to an expert response (inconclusive) and a surrogacy story that ended in early complications.

However, this case study had a happy ending -

*Sorry to dump so much information on you! One of the many frustrating things about this disease syndrome is that there just aren't a lot of answers. I hope something in all of those links is helpful for you. And I hope your question brings new thoughts and answers from our current members!!

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PE Developing in a Surrogate Pregnancy

Postby case624 » Sun Jun 25, 638305 2:52 pm

I developed severe PE in the 26th week of my second pregnancy (the first was a molar pregnancy). My daughter was born at 27 weeks/1 day. She is three now and has since been diagnosed with NF1, a genetic disorder. My husband and I want more children, but do not want to endanger another child by having them be delivered early due to PE. We have spoken with a high risk ob and she mentioned surrogacy. As we discussed it more, an interesting question came up that I was hoping to get some advice on. Is there a possibility that the PE was in my egg or my husband's sperm...if we transfer those to another woman to carry - can she develope PE and us end up in the same position as if I had tried to carry the baby myself? I would never want to put another baby through that and I certainly would not want to put another woman at risk.

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