What is early?

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Re : What is early?

Postby deerhart » Wed Dec 30, 638308 1:13 am

Most people would consider anything before 34-35 weeks early. The vast majority of people diagnosed are diagnosed at term (37+), though they are pretty underrepresented here (we tend (not all but just tend) to be the worst cases).

I was diagnosed the first time at 24 weeks. I had a tentative diagnosis the 2nd time at 28-30 weeks (ie: I did not meet the criteria but I had all the signs that it was coming) with the official diagnosis at 35.5 weeks. My first bout ended with 13 weeks of bedrest at 37 weeks. I delivered 2 days after my 2nd diagnosis (right at 36 weeks), but did have about 8 weeks of bedrest.

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Re : What is early?

Postby sonja » Tue Dec 29, 638308 11:39 pm

Here is a link that I found from our experts about your question.


Pre-e is diagnosed with two bp readings of 140/90 (or higher) and a protein level of over 300. Typically it is not diagnosed prior to 20 weeks.

Take care.

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Re : What is early?

Postby kdreher » Tue Dec 29, 638308 5:16 pm

My thought about "early" was the risk went up that it would be even earlier than the first time. I had a sudden onset at 26 wks, so the risk increased to have it again before 26 wks. I'm 23 wks now, all is GREAT and I suspect I won't see pe again..at least not as severe. I could be wrong in my understanding of it but all my pre-pregnancy tests are just guesses and I'm not even paying attention to them.

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What is early?

Postby mikesgirl64 » Tue Dec 29, 638308 3:25 pm

I keep reading (and reading and reading :)) everything I can get my hands on about pre-e to see if there is anything I can do besides what I'm already doing to try to avoid it in this pregnancy. A lot of information says your risk of developing pre-e in subsequent pregnancy is higher if you developed pre-e early in your past pregnancy. I was d/x at 29 weeks with severe pre-e and delivered at 31 weeks. So - my question...is that early? When do women normally get d/x with pre-e?


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