Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby sarahmcg » Sat Mar 01, 637653 12:35 am

My HELLP never showed up on any test, but I knew there was something off about the pregnancy. At 37.5 weeks, my liver ruptured and I delivered immediately by C section. There was no sign on any test, my BP was fine- who knew.

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby jamilyn » Thu Feb 06, 637653 5:45 am

I was not feeling well at all for a few weeks before i was put in the Hospital and diagnosed so im not sure when exactly i got it. But with my first son i was hospitalized at 27 weeks and just 4 days later had my Eclampic Seizure and my son was born by Emergency C-Section. I later found out i had had HELLP but actually not till a couple years later somehow it wasnt communicated to me. My last pregnancy I started to get signs of HELLP towards the end at about 33 weeks but it didnt pop up (luckily) and i had my son at 35 weeks

cams mom
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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby cams mom » Tue Feb 04, 637653 2:22 pm

I had pre-e and HELLP. BOth were undetected until I went in for one of my weekly BP checks at 29 weeks 5 days(The NP in my doctors office was a bit concerned about my pressures, but my OB wasn't[:(!]) and that's when my BP finally was high enough for them to send me right to the hospital for a PIH test. Then while on the fetal monitor the baby's heart rate would trail off and start back up again. Most horrifying sound in the world. They thought that the baby was just banging off the chord. WIthin 3 days they sent me by ambulance down to Providence W & I where they had a NICU and high risk doctors to deal with me. I was started on Magnesium and given the first of 2 steroid shots right away. They did a biophysical profile on the baby and he scored a 5 out of 6 if I remember correctly. They got me stable and hoped to keep me pregnant for as long as possible saying that they'd like to get me to 34 weeks at best. That afternoon they did an ultrasound to check on the baby and that's when they detected that Cameron had stopped growing and that he was struggling to pump blood back through his chord causing the dips in his heart rate. They needed to deliver him ASAP. He was also IUGR (inter-uterin growth restriction) and came out weighing only 1lb 11 1/2oz at 30 weeks 2 days. Luckily he never needed a vent and remained on room air. He has no issues other than not being able to eat a lot at each feeding (about 2oz every 4 hrs) and being really small. He's about 7lbs now at 16 weeks (6 weeks adjusted). The doctors seem to think he will *eventually* catch up though.

I did end up back in the hospital with a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) in my leg 2 weeks after delivering Cam. I then had to be put on heparin to freeze the blood clot and then on to coumidin to thin my blood. I will remain on coumidin through May of this year. I thought we had got through the worst of things with the delivery and be lucky that Cam was stable considering and then 2 weeks later a blood clot might go to my lungs and kill me!?!?!? Needless to say that pregnancy DID NOT agree with my body. We were both so lucky. We were meant to be mother and son that's for sure!

Sorry for my "book". This is all so fresh in my mind and it's nice to vent it here. [:)]

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby gilma » Fri Oct 22, 637649 5:19 am

My first raised bp was at 32 wks. I lay on my left side for 10 min before a retake. It lowered enough for the dr to send me home w/recheck the following week. In the morning before the follow-up appt I was sent by ambulance to the nearest hospital (not the one I was supposed to deliver at or the one where my dr practiced-in hind sight hallelujah!)with what I thought was some kind of lung failure or heart attack! After the er performed a crazy number of tests they FINALLY called l&d where my current ANGEL of a Doc told them to get me up there stat! My doll baby Iris was born a few short hours later at exactly 33 wks by emergency C/section due to HELLP syndrome. The BP and the pain were the only symptons I had before my trip to the hosp. My Iris is now 3 and FULL OF LIFE!!! No complications at all. My 2 subsequent pregnancies were full of their own PE problems however! I am so happy to have found a place where people know what I'm talking about. I'm also happy to have found a place where we are all looking to help raise awareness and help not only each other but anyone else who might suffer from little known but HUGE problem.

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby raspbeari » Wed Oct 20, 637649 1:02 am

I was diagnosed at 23w3d and delivered at 24weeks.

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby chrismommy » Mon Jun 28, 637649 4:07 am

Admitted to the hospital at 26 weeks 1 day
Diagnosed the same day
My son was delivered at 26 weeks 6 days
He was 1lb 6oz, he servived for 29 days
In my heart forever.

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby onfaith » Fri Jun 04, 637649 4:25 am

1st daughter - PE at 31 weeks, delivered by induction at 35 weeks.

2nd daughter - PIH at 25 weeks, PE at 27 weeks 1 day, HELLP at 30 weeks, delivered 30 weeks, via emergency C-section due to placental abruption.

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby micah30 » Thu Mar 10, 637368 10:26 am

I was admitted to the hospital at 22 weeks 4 days with high blood pressure and swollen feet. They diagnosed me with PE, which developed into HELLP. They had to induce and Corbin was stillborn at exactly 23 weeks.
I as readmitted the next week with a blood clot in my arm. They diagnosed me with APS and hetro MTHFR.

I have since had a baby girl. I was was on Lovenox and had frequent appts at the peri, but it was a pretty uncomplicated pregnancy.

Corbin (stillborn at 23 weeks due to PE and HELLP)
Maya (3-8-05)

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby pegclarke » Mon Feb 15, 637368 9:27 am

I was diagnosed at 23 weeks and 5 days and delivered at 24 weeks. The baby didn't survive.

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby mrsike » Mon Jun 29, 637367 8:37 am

Hospitalized at 29 weeks 6 days for PE
Delivered by emergency c-section at 31 weeks 3 days.
Didn't find out it was HELLP until 7 months later when I was looking through my medical records.

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