Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby emily_985 » Thu May 14, 637367 6:21 pm

39 weeks- delivered by emergency c-section same day diagnosed.

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby christinab » Thu Apr 05, 637364 2:55 am

26 wks - delivered 2 days after being admitted..liver and kidney failure was happening

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby thundersgirl » Fri Mar 23, 637364 9:06 am

I was on and off bedrest and in the hospital my entire pregnancy, first for spotting, then for migraines, then for preeclampsia. June 25, 2004 in the evening, I had an upset stomach and took some tums. The next morning, I wasn't feeling better but with all the hospital stays I thought a stomach ache would be a bit much to check myself in. My husband went to work, and the pain kept getting wrose and worse. Later in the afternoon, I finally called my doctor, he told me to get in right away, and my husband was on his way home. we got to the hospital, but my liver had ruptured. I had an emergency c section, and once the anestetics (sp?) had worn off, I had the horrible pain all over again. I was sent to a university hospital, and was released a few days later. I was not allowed to carry my baby around for a month, and I had lift restrictions for another three. I still have occasional soreness when I do something too strenuous, and it irritates me because I really want to get in shape and run and play with my daughter. How many cases of HELLP end up with ruptured livers and how long can I expect soreness? It's not every day, and sometimes I can do a lot with no pain, but then there are days I lift a laundry basket down the stairs and I am done.

Katie was born June 26, 2004 in the evening and I was 34 weeks. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and was in the hospital the week before that. My insurance Co said I was doing wel, and sent me home, that was the 24th. I can't remember my bp etc, but I knew my feet were swelling, but I thought it was normal pregnancy stuff. One night I went to bed and had relatively regular people fet, and the next morning, I had elephant feet. they were shiny from stretching and the nurses gasped at my feet. I knew there was a problem then. I also had pregnancy induced carpal tunnel, I had no idea that you could get this until it was explained and why, and it did go away once I got home and lost the excess water, iv fluids, etc.

I know this is supposed to be a topic for a short "shout out" if you will, but I suppose I rambled, sorry. The one thing I hate about all of this is that when girlfriends sit around and talk about their pregnancy stories, mine are always different and always end up with "and then they sent me to the hospital". I'm ok, I have a great kid and she is healthy, she was 4 lb 1 oz and 6 weeks early, and had stopped growing, and all tubes and wires, etc, but last year she was so fragile and this year she is getting great big squeezy bear hugs and walking and falling and bumping her head without me panicking, and not being bundled up like the slightest breeze will give her an illness. I suppose I coped with it the best I could, but when i tried to look up info on the net, I couldn't keep reading, it was too frightening. Now I am trying to find out how long it will take to "recover" aka not be sore when i am really physical, and reading these forums has kinda brought everyting up closer to the surface again. Sorry this is so long, I guess I couldn't help it.

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby crogers » Tue Jun 06, 637358 6:22 pm

Hi Everyone-

First let me say how wonderful it was to find this website. What a breath of fresh air!!!

I had no signs whatsoever of anything wrong...

Got a headache at 32 weeks
Went into the hospital at 32 weeks 1 day
Diagnosed with hellp and had a seizure within 2 hours of being at the hospital
Delivered at 32 weeks 3 days
She's 9 months old today and doing wonderfully!!!!

mary karius
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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby mary karius » Fri Dec 02, 637357 8:52 pm

Hi everyone,
I just registered today and am so happy to be a part of such a wonderful group of strong women and babies!

I was put on bedrest at 24 weeks and (induced) delivered at 32 weeks.

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby cindergretta » Thu Oct 27, 637357 5:30 pm

Symptoms started for HELLP- 33w6d
Diagnosed and delivered- 35w1d

This was my 5th baby. I don't know when I was diagnosed with the other pgs that I had pre-e. But they were delivered at 36 weeks and 34 weeks, respectively.

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby missgamecock » Wed May 21, 637355 3:42 am

Me. I had the upper right quandrant pain and went to the acute care clinic at the military hospital. It was at a NATO base so even though the hospital was US run, the different nations were expected to supply drs and staff there. I thought I had a bad case of the flu because I was nauseaus, had stomach pain that would come and go but when it came I was doubled over. They asked me if I could be in labor. I was like this isn't labor. So I got the wonderful cocktail of lidocaine mixed with Malox and was told it was indigestion. A Turkish Air Force colonel saw me that day. No one had told me the signs and symptoms to look for, so I didn't know. That cocktail didn't help. I still had the pain off and on. I found out later on it was my liver. Base liasion (all of my info came from her because of the dumb Belgian drs) said I had low platelets and very high liver enzymes and all of my blood tests were very bad. Military drs after I had Kirsten said they felt sure that I had HEllP along with severe PE. My discharge paperwork from the hospital said severe PE. Then they also told me no more babies in Belgium. They didn't have the facilities to handle a high risk pregnancy again for me.

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby clayjungle » Tue May 20, 637355 6:40 am

33 weeks (diagnosed and hospitalized)
36 weeks (induced and delivered)

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby rsloan » Thu Feb 06, 637355 3:47 am

Undiagnosed . . .
as I am now learning about this illness and looking back at my medical records, my blood pressure was high at 4 wks and dipped back down to my normal range and rose again and stayed high and continued to rise at 28 wks, (no action taken by doctor) traces of protein was detected at 24 wks, (doctor said I had a UTI and put me on antibiotics) after pushing doctor to put me on bedrest, began bedrest at 32 weeks, upper right quadrant pain sent me to hospital, and emerg c/s performed at 33 weeks 3.10lbs. rec'd blood transfusion and D&C 2months later for retained placenta

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Re : Roll Call: Who had HELLP syndrome?

Postby nora » Tue Dec 03, 637348 4:15 am

Diagnosed at 26 weeks. delivered via emergency c-section 5 days later.

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