Bell's Palsey and pre-e?

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Re : Bell's Palsey and pre-e?

Postby jklinemn » Tue Nov 10, 638314 3:46 am

Hi. I also had left sided numbness, mostly in my face and arm. I had a hypertensive crisis about 24 hours after delivery, and when my blood pressure spiked I instantly felt it. Similar to the other girl, I could move my face and it looked normal. They diagnosed it as cerebral spasms. The numbness continued very strongly for some time, and was always worse when my blood pressure was elevated. It's been six month since my daughter was born, and I can still feel it at times. I can definitely feel it if my blood pressure is fluctuating. They also gave me xanax, because sometimes I focus on it too much and it causes me some anxiety. I'm also still on blood pressure meds.

The neurologist didn't have a lot of answers, only to keep my blood pressure controlled. But, I would recommend starting there. They did several MRIs of head, neck (to rule out carotid problems) - which were normal. There is also a nerve that runs along that same facial pathway, which perhaps might be inflamed and injured after her vessel ruptured. Anyway, good luck, it can be incredibly frustrating and overwhelming. One girl I read about was numb for 3 months.

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Re : Bell's Palsey and pre-e?

Postby kara » Sat Jul 06, 638312 5:05 pm

Echoing Julie. She should be looked at by a neurologist - just to cover all bases.

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julie f
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Re : Bell's Palsey and pre-e?

Postby julie f » Fri Jul 05, 638312 3:47 pm

I lost feeling on the left side of my face the day of delivery and it took a few weeks to return. You could not tell from looking at me, the left side of my face would move alongside with the right. So, not exactly the same but we we've heard a few explanations. We've been told cerebral swelling by most doctors and stroke by one.

If in her shoes, I'd want to check in with a neurologist.

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Bell's Palsey and pre-e?

Postby heather100 » Fri Jul 05, 638312 2:56 pm

Hey guys!!! It's been awhile. You all helped me so much during my 2nd pregnancy that was free of pre-e!!! WAHOO!

Anyhow, there is a person on one of my forums whose friend just had a baby. The baby was full term and is fine but she had a burst blood vessel in one of her eyes from high BP and also her "left face, mouth and forehead are not in the right position, they all look weird."

I'm thinking Bell's Palsey as I read it can be related to pre-e and is definitely related to pregnancy.

Anyone have experience with this? I did a search and Meg's sis had this but that's about all I could fine.

Thanks in advance!!!

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