different husbands

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Re : different husbands

Postby caryn » Sat Jan 30, 638315 3:05 pm

There are a few studies linked here, under "paternity and preeclampsia": http://www.preeclampsia.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=26469

christine lyn
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Re : different husbands

Postby christine lyn » Tue Jan 19, 638315 1:30 pm

I was told the other way around also by my doctor.

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Re : different husbands

Postby sonja » Thu Dec 03, 638314 9:57 pm

Also I believe that it came down to the fact that when women had babies with a different partner often times they were quite a bit older and that was what was making the risk higher.

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Re : different husbands

Postby adgirl » Thu Dec 03, 638314 9:16 pm

There are conflicting studies. An older study said that PE was possibly a result of the mother rejecting the father's DNA and that a subsequent child with the same father would lower her chances of getting it again b/c her body would have already carried a child with the father's DNA and would therefore not be as likely to reject it.

A more recent study actually had results where a different father actually lowered the risk of PE.

My guess is that it is just different for everyone. Many, many women go on to have PE free pregnancies - some with the same father and others with someone new. There's just no way to predict what might or might not happen.

It's such a huge gamble to get pregnant again - a decision that just takes a lot of time for most of us to come to. I'm 34 weeks with my 2nd child and just praying that it doesn't hit this time. Some women decide not to go for it again. For me, it took over a year of serious research to get my nerve up - in the end, it was no study or statistic that made me do it - I just wanted this 2nd baby! I have no guarantees - none of us does. But, I have no guarantee that I will make it home from work each day either!

I hope you are able to find some peace as you struggle with your decision on whether to try again. For now, I'd recommend enjoying the one you've got and revisit the subject after some time has passed.

Good luck!

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Re : different husbands

Postby purplefrogger » Thu Dec 03, 638314 6:28 pm

I have heard it the other way around.

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different husbands

Postby jgrumet » Thu Dec 03, 638314 4:30 pm

my peri told me that if I were to change husbands my odds of getting PE again were higher. Of course I'm not going to do that, but I don't understand why that is...

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