Why am I still having vison problems?

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Re : Why am I still having vison problems?

Postby preemomof2 » Mon Dec 31, 638317 10:03 am

I've had 2 pree pregnancies in 3 years and my vision is pretty bad now. I might need glasses now. my ophthalmologist said its surely was from the time around delivery that the damage was done.

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Re : Why am I still having vison problems?

Postby hhbeachgurl » Sun Dec 30, 638317 2:29 pm

I still ahve some vison problems almost 21 months post partum. But they have definitly decreased. My problem is my eyes dontlike to focus together anymore. This started right before they decided to delivere Ansley. At 1 year postpartum, I saw my eye doctor and she could aparrently see something. She told me that it was due to the cerebral edema I had sufered and a lack of oxygen to the optic nerve cusing some permenant damage. She said most of the time- 80% - by 18 months after the incident everything is fine, any remaining problems I had after 18 months would be permenant. It is definilty a ton better, but I have problems in low lit rooms and when I am really tired where they don't work together. I would head to an eye doc and get things checked out. My eye doctor actually told me I made her scared to get pregnant....nice huh? But she was really sweet and at least I realized there was a real reason behind my problems.

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Re : Why am I still having vison problems?

Postby melib » Sat Dec 29, 638317 9:05 pm


My ophthamologist told me (as Julie's did) that the spots and flashes and blurs were due to swelling of the optic nerve. He was able to see this 5 months post-partum, so it can stick around for a while. Give it some time, hopefully in a few months you'll feel better in all sorts of ways.

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Re : Why am I still having vison problems?

Postby summerw77 » Tue Dec 18, 638317 9:50 pm

Oh my gosh you had babies for someone else! You must be a wonderful person. I wouldn't do that for ten million dollars. Glad there are people lik eyou in this world=). Sorry can't help on the vision thing but I'm sure plenty of people will! I can't believe you were pregnant so many times LOL!

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Re : Why am I still having vison problems?

Postby julie f » Mon Dec 17, 638317 5:52 am


I sustained some permanent vision loss during my first pregnancy and have been told a few things. My ophthamologist and optometrist have both told me it was due to swelling of the optic nerve during preeclampsia - part of the nerve lost its blood supply and "died off." It was quite significant before and after delivery but got markedly better by three months postpartum. My issues were not so much blurry vision as they were large brown spots in my fields of vision. In any case, my best advice would be to get in with an ophthamologist to get it checked out. Unfortunatley, this disease puts your body through a ringer and it can take a while for things to get back to normal.

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Why am I still having vison problems?

Postby fourangelbabies » Sat Dec 08, 638317 12:14 am

I delviered two weeks and 3 days ago after having severe PIH.

Long story short I am still having blurry vision?? I have stopped having headaches (the headaches when I had them were the worse ones of my life)and my blood pressures are finally stable. So this isn't post partum Prec AGAIN.. I am currently taking a beta blocker after being readmitted with what they told me was post partum PreC..

I honestly do not think I had post partum my blood pressures never really trully stayed down before discharge anyhow so it lingered after delviery (well maybe it was post partum then lol anyhow).. I was in the hospital 9 days total on mag for 3 days of those.. I was in the hospital for so long b/c my labs didn't stablize right away and my blood prssures took while to go down (and stay down) and my swelling was just extreme I was not even recongizeable (I lost over 60 lbs of just water weight in the week after delivery most of it in a two day span.

This was my 6th delivery (number 5 AND 6 having been a gestatioal surrogate for another family) My other 5 births were all full term uncomplicated pregnancies..

So anyhow I am nearsighted but I have noticed with increasing annoyance and frutration that my vision is just not going back to normal.. It was fine before the PIH but the PIH hit me fast and nasty and for some reason the visual changes during my PIH stay in the hospital were a nagging issue for me..

The vison problems i am having are blurry vision thigns are not sharp and crisp and clear anymore it seems I have to strain and still can't clearly bring street signs and words into focus? Is this something that typically lingers?

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