New Here Question 24hr Urine Results

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Re : New Here Question 24hr Urine Results

Postby hhbeachgurl » Sun Dec 14, 2008 07:12 pm

You know I am not sure. I think CR is creatine and UR is uric acid, but I dont know what they mean.....

but technically with protein over 300 which urs is and bp that high you do have PE according to the criteria of 2 readings of 140/90 or higher and protein of 300+.

I hope you get many more weeks in. HUGS

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New Here Question 24hr Urine Results

Postby lolly » Sun Dec 14, 2008 05:59 pm

I am 35 and 29wks pregnant with my 3rd child but first with my new husband. I developed PE with my previous 2 pregnancies but not until 33wks and 35wks. I was hospitalised last week with bp of 167/101 started labetalol and has since stablized at between about 140/80 to 150/95 it varies quite a bit. I just picked up my results from my 24hr urine which was done last week and just wanted to know if anyone could help me work out results I think I understand the protein results but nothing else. I had a base line done when I first feel pregnant and apparently they were all normal. Results for this one are

Protein 1.57 g/l <0.15 normal
CR-UR 7.1 mmol/l no range given
Prot/Cr urine 221 <30 normal

I am guessing my protein is 1570 which I know is high but dont understand what the Prot/cr urine means and why it is so high. I think I am heading down the pe path again but trying to get an answer sometimes from my OB is like trying to pull a tooth. I dont have a appointment with him until the beginning of next week and starting to worry this is a lot earlier than my previous pregnancies. Thanks

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