2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby onesock » Fri Apr 29, 638603 12:43 am

Me too! It took mine at least 12 weeks to get to 140/90 range on meds. Labetalol did not work that great for me either, which resulted in a lot of med increases and a lot of twingy feeling scalp. The procardia does seem to work a bit better, but came with its own slew of side effects. Hang in there!

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby caryn » Sat Apr 16, 638603 9:04 pm

Molly, sometimes it takes a shot of Lasix to get the fluid off; do you still have swelling?

My pressures were still quite high for months, but my docs just left me on labetalol and waited for my body to repair the damage, and they came down about 4-5 months later.

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby babyemsmom » Sat Apr 16, 638603 10:10 am

I developed post partum PE and my pressures were just as high as yours. I was on aldomet during my pregnancy and that was not doing anything for my pressures post partum. They switched me to Procardia 60 XL...it took a good week to 10 days, but my pressures finally came down. My pediatrician was fine with the procarida and breast feeding.

Maybe they need to switch your meds or up them again?
Keep us posted!

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby amanda » Sat Apr 16, 638603 6:57 am

Molly -
Have you talked with the NICU doctors about the blood pressure meds? I'm asking because I took a very different set of meds while Anna Grace was in the NICU and they were totally okay with - mostly because they monitoring her all the time! I realize that OB's really want to use the most 'known' meds but sometimes for some of us they just don't do the trick.

I would ask Rocco's doctors about other options - they might have a different opinion that you can give the OB/PCP.

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby missgamecock » Sat Apr 16, 638603 6:50 am

ME. We have talked about this already. 1 week pp they shot up to 160/115 (they were never that high in this pregnancy because we took her when I hit a 100 diastolic). Then last week at the pcp they were 160/120. My ob said it just takes time and rest as much as possible.

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby jgrumet » Fri Apr 15, 638603 11:36 am

I had the same problem. About 10 days posrpartum I was in the ER with really high pressures. I was on 400mg of labetalol and then they uped it to 900. It worked, but my bps were really labile. My internist then put me on 600mg of labetalol and 30mg procardia XL. I loved the procardia it is safe and it worked well for me. I started weaning off 4 weeks pp, but it took awhile to get off completely.

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julie f
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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby julie f » Wed Apr 06, 638603 8:32 am

Sorry that you're still dealing w/bp issues! My experience has been that different docs are comfortable with different meds... Are you seeing your OB or your PCP?

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2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby molly419 » Wed Apr 06, 638603 7:25 am

I am still dealing with high blood pressure, two weeks out from Rocco's birth. I have been seeing my doctor every week for a BP check, and today was another check up.

My blood pressure is still what it was when they made me deliver at- 160/120. Before I was pregnant, I was running 140's/high 80's. I am on 300mg (now moved to 400mg) of Labatroal (sp?) 2x a day. Obviously, my body is not responding to this medication, but I was told that due to breast feeding, there are limited BP medications that I can take.

I am really concerned with those numbers! Has anyone been in the same situation? Should I be seeing someone else? Also, I am really worried that I will have to stop breast feeding so that I can take different medications...ugh, I hate this! :(

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