Baby safely here :)

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Re : Baby safely here :)

Postby jules2 » Mon Jul 22, 638622 1:42 pm

Hi Susie,

Yes, I'm really pleased for you - and its a great story for me to hear having lost my daughter at exactly 26 weeks earlier this year [PE FREE - WOW!!!!!]

Congrats again!


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Re : Baby safely here :)

Postby jokell2 » Mon Jul 22, 638622 1:15 pm

Congratulations!! She is a good size for 34 weeks!! That's where I am now so it's reassuring to hear a great outcome!

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Re : Baby safely here :)

Postby jend01 » Mon Jul 22, 638622 6:44 am

Congratulations on your new arrival :)

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Re : Baby safely here :)

Postby trish » Mon Jul 22, 638622 5:32 am

Wonderful news!! And she was such a great size for 34 weeks - much bigger than my 36 weeker!! I wish you all the very best with your new daughter!!

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Re : Baby safely here :)

Postby kotokage » Mon Jul 22, 638622 5:31 am

Congratulations on little Daisy!

mikeys mom
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Re : Baby safely here :)

Postby mikeys mom » Mon Jul 22, 638622 4:50 am

Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

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Baby safely here :)

Postby kiwi_susie » Sun Jul 21, 638622 11:13 pm

Hi ladies,
I wanted to pop in and say an enormous THANK YOU to all the kind souls who reassured me that the nervous (terrified) moments I had throughout my pregnancy were "normal".
2 weeks ago this Sunday we welcomed a daughter to the world, a little earlier than we'd expected at 34+1 - ironically due to a dodgy CTG monitoring session & decreased amniotic fluid. However, of critical importance to this forum and others who are contemplating pregnancy after losing a baby to PE is that we were PREECLAMPSIA FREE. The lovenox, LDA, constant medical monitoring and finishing work at 28wks worked a treat. Our wee poppet - Daisy Elizabeth - weighed in at a very respectable weight at the top of the charts (whereas last time our wee man was at the 5th percentile).
Needless to say we're ecstatic and our emotions today, as we bought her home all safe and sound, were a mix of jubilation and a tinge of sadness as we reached a full understanding of just what we missed out on last time.
So, again, thank you so very very much. As a collective group, the power of the support that your experiences offer is unbeatable.
Hugs, Susie.

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