Please pray

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Re : Please pray

Postby mellybute » Tue Jul 29, 638628 5:45 pm

The little boy definitely has his mother's eyes....

She was a beautiful lady! Such a tragedy and so very very breaks my heart

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Re : Please pray

Postby jgrumet » Sat Jul 19, 638628 11:05 am

This is making me cry! I HATE this disease.

My prayers are with her family....

I hope the doctors did everything they could early on. I've never heard of someone getting a liver transplant from it.

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Re : Please pray

Postby kellyo19 » Fri Dec 23, 638625 1:39 pm

I saw this on the news last night... How terrible for the family, and the little boy never meeting his mother. My thoughts and prayers are with Andy and Leland and their family during this difficult time.

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Re : Please pray

Postby missgamecock » Sun Sep 11, 638625 5:45 pm

This saddens me to no end. Sending many prayers for Andy and Leland tonight.

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Re : Please pray

Postby yellowroseo » Sun Sep 11, 638625 1:07 pm

Such a tragic ending to what is supposed to be a beautiful thing. My continued thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time and for the babies speedy recovery. May her memories live on in their hearts.

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Re : Please pray

Postby kara » Sun Sep 11, 638625 9:34 am

Looks like they are removing life support tonight, and her kidneys are being donated to two families. So horribly sad. The family will be in my thoughts.

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Re : Please pray

Postby ladybug76135 » Sun Sep 11, 638625 6:45 am

Thoughts and prayers are with the family at this very difficult time.

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Re : Please pray

Postby theartsymom » Sat Sep 10, 638625 5:16 pm

This just tears me up! I heard about all this from a mutual friend.
Today will be a rough day for them. More prayers going up.

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Re : Please pray

Postby love_the_daschies » Sun Jul 03, 638625 6:06 pm

Oh gosh - that is just so sad. I have to say - I wish I was one of the lucky people who never heard of PE or HELLP - these diseases are just so tragic and heart breaking.

I hope they receive some hope at the new hospital


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Re : Please pray

Postby kellyo19 » Sun Jul 03, 638625 3:36 pm

This disease is so horrible... my thoughts and prayers are with them.

I can't help but wonder if her doctors were watching her as closely as they should have been... We trust doctors to take good care of us, yet there are some that don't take PE and HELLP as seriously as they should, and patients don't always know what's going on.

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