What testing can they do for underlying disorders?

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Re : What testing can they do for underlying disorders?

Postby amanda » Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:36 am

Hi Sara -
I'm going to try and tackle this one for you... :)

Usually underlying disorders are tested for prior to the start of a pregnancy because honestly, once the cacasade of symptoms start well, there isn't thing that the knowledge that there is an underlying condition is going to do to a) stop it and/or b) alter the course of treatment. You are right that the testing is done through blood work.

Regarding your other posts - especially the one about how to get a referral to a MFM. Sometimes it takes the adage of 'the squeeky wheel gets the grease' - meaning, not taking no for an answer is sometimes the way to go. Given your history I would be shocked if a doctor wouldn't write the referral. However, in the event that it DID happen then saying something like - I want it noted in my chart that I requested one and was refused usually will do the trick.

I'll admit that because I went into my pregnancies knowing that I had risks for complications I was never really allowed to think about a non invasive delivery option however I can certainly appreciate the desire to let nature take its course. That said PE - mild, severe or however it is classified is nothing to mess around with - the possible negative consquences are just too great.

I know that it is scary, frustrating, and overwhelming. You are absolutely doing the best thing for yourself, your baby, and your family right now - you are becoming educated and arming yourself with all the information you can - to me that is a wonderful thing.

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What testing can they do for underlying disorders?

Postby saramomofmany » Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:14 am

I have read on this board for a while now, and see mentioned people talking about having had testing for underlying disorders...is that something they do when you are pregnant or only when not? Is it blood work??

Thanks, Sara

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